Goldman to Refuse IPOs If All Directors Are White, Straight Men - David (((Solomon))) makes announcement


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Solution: offer all employees free ancestry DNA testing, and promote those with a diverse genome to board members if possible.

It is much cheaper to have them all to become genderfluid while on the job.
Make them all go women until they clock out and you only have to have one bathroom too.

To the actual article, isn't it illegal to not give loans based on someone's gender or race? You would think that would also apply to IPOs.


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“We realize that this is a small step, but it’s a step in a direction of saying, ‘You know what, we think this is right, we think it’s the right advice and we’re in a position also, because of our network, to help our clients if they need help placing women on boards,’” Solomon told CNBC Thursday. “So this is an example of us saying, ‘How can we do something that we think is right and help moves the market forward?’”
Imagine reading this paragraph, really taking in that the CEO of Goldman Sachs is preaching to us about what's right and wrong, and not immediately hating this world.


I instantly imagined a bunch of guys in their early 20s sitting around a desk, discussing their new start-up. They've just realised that they're never going to get off the ground without some big-time backers, but oh shit, they're all straight white men. Not a single vagina in the room. They don't have the time to find another person for their small business, besides, this company was built from scratch by them. They've all been friends since college. Inviting anyone, man or woman, into the business at this point might ruin the whole dynamic they've created. Suddenly, one of them has an idea. He grabs a wig from a box of leftover Halloween costumes and throws it to the man across the table.

"Ok, Steve,' he says, 'When Goldman Sachs visits, your name is Brenda, alright? Go home and find a dress tonight. I want you wearing it for any meetings.'

'Should I shave too?' asks Steve, now Brenda, as he places the wig on his head.

'Are you kidding? It took you forever to grow that beautiful thing. Keep it'.

6 months later, the company goes public to massive success. Everyone becomes millionaires overnight and Brenda, and her stunning beard, wins an award for outstanding bravery and appears in Forbes' 100 most influential women in business.

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Just identify as transgender or genderfluid and the problem is solved. Thank god for self-identification laws.

But seriously, appointing unqualified/underqualified people based on some arbitrary characteristic (family relations, favored ethnic group/clan, etc.) is how so many powerful institutions, countries, and entire civilizations have collapsed over the centuries. Looks like in this era the cause will be diversity.

Between this and the new GNOME CoC, I'm starting to think Caucasians are basically the new Jew. Blamed for everything to the point that the world is demanding their immediate extermination. The Left have officially become the new fascism.

"First as tragedy, second as farce"

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When they say "straight, white male," does this apply to Jews as well? I guess we will find out, but it would be funny if the reluctance by many left-wing, American Jews to identify as an ethnic group comes back to bite them in the form of a policy implemented by one of their own.
But nonetheless, this policy will likely not have much actual impact, as any single white male can just say that they are gay or bi and be exempted from the quota. What is Goldman going to do? Demand an on-the-spot PPG? Ask for an anal sex tape? Unless you're married to a woman, no one will question you.


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Heck, lots of companies have a minority or female as a front person so they can get Federal "set-aside" contracts, intended for companies headed by minorities/women.

However, believe it isn't right to tell someone how to run their company. Incorporate somewhere other than CA, find someone other than Goldman.


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No, but they think it is.
Discriminating across race, gender, and sexual orientation, all of which are protected by federal law? I'm sure this will end well for them if they actually try to implement it.

It's in the same situation as weed.

The culture has been shifted so much that even though weedfags are fucking everywhere, the law doesn't really give a shit unless it's too obvious to ignore (like lighting one up in the middle of a supermarket). Similarly, discrimination based on race/sex/whatever is also illegal in business, but the culture has shifted to the point where shitting on whites is normalized and no body of law would touch this unless there was a massive public outcry of some kind.