Goldman to Refuse IPOs If All Directors Are White, Straight Men - David (((Solomon))) makes announcement

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It's in the same situation as weed.

The culture has been shifted so much that even though weedfags are fucking everywhere, the law doesn't really give a shit unless it's too obvious to ignore (like lighting one up in the middle of a supermarket). Similarly, discrimination based on race/sex/whatever is also illegal in business, but the culture has shifted to the point where shitting on whites is normalized and no body of law would touch this unless there was a massive public outcry of some kind.
Even if that's completely true, there should still be a big problem with requiring people to disclose their sexual preferences for money.

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Between this and the new GNOME CoC, I'm starting to think Caucasians are basically the new Jew. Blamed for everything to the point that the world is demanding their immediate extermination. The Left have officially become the new fascism.
Uhhh yeah, if it isn't obvious by now that the world is dealing with the left wing equivalent of Nazism by now I don't know what to tell you.


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One has to love that mere days after MLK day, one of the most infamous companies in the US announces that they will judge people based on the color of their skin, rather than the content of their character. How progressive.

This is blatantly illegal and I can guarantee someone in the fed is getting their dick hard at the thought of the sanctions they'll be allowed to leverage.


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This brings up the question on what exactly Goldman Sachs is hiding. These comments are marketing 101 in order to divert attention on to something else. I wonder now... It would be interesting if they are cooking the books ala the accused Disney Corporation as been doing and are diverting their attention on the subject. Or how about some good inside trading information. These are the assholes that help caused the Great Recession with their sub prime loans.

Here's the dumb shit info about the corporation

Goldman Sachs are not the biggest nor the only fish in the financial pond. And dumb ass comments like this will cause people to take their money elsewhere.

Money is colorblind and as long as it can be made in large amounts no one gives one fuck on who you are and what you look like.

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My guess is this shithole isnt doing good enough to fund decent IPOs and is hiding it like mad so it's like 'Oh only non whites!' Knowing their applications for IPOs will be dropped to nothing allowing it to increase capital. Once that happens this policy will be quietly reversed.

They're corrupt and evil, not idiotic. It's very easy to distract with 'hate the white man' policy. Even back in the most racist of times, money talked. Only leftist media companies are stupid enough to believe this diversity bullshit.

Sachs is hiding something.

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