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Oct 4, 2017
Your combined dream is realized, for I Am The Miss Christine Weston Chandler, and I am here to address my followers (bad ones included, and forgiven (just Do Not talk more Mockery, Smack or anything I would not initially say, against me)).

I come here today to begin in directly taking on any applicable, and acceptable questions about myself; No Personal Details, Mind You.

But there Is a catch, a simple price for my attendance here to answer your LittleBigQuestions. Firstly, NONE of You, nor ANY of your associates, friends, allies, ecetera, will EVER contact, NOR mal-tweet, NOR mal-comment, ANY and ALL of My Friends, Family And Associates. This, Especially Includes my Sweetheart. I Understand you all have a common desire: My Happiness and Good Future; this goes appreciated very much. But the happiness of My Closest Ones are Most Important to me. As for face-to-face, Offline, should any of you catch me at such a moment, I ask that None of you Follow or Stalk me, UNLESS You are Courageous enough to greet me kindly and share a Pleasent moment. In the company of my Sweetie, such stalking is most questionable. I will have little to no discomfort upon anyone else in my presence. Consider My Personal Space and Person a SAFE SPACE I will personally NOT tolerate any mal-content within mine, or ANY of my friends, family or associate's Total Local Space.

I will come onto here Once a Week, take down some Questions, and I will answer them on a live-streaming video soon after. I am in development of making this the limited-time routine.

One FAQ I Will address Right Now, so it will NOT Be Repeated in My Single Thread On Here: "Why don't you get a job/why don't you take more responsibility/why don't you just grow up already?"

Obviously, those who ask this and these questions likely are already employed themselves, or are spoiled in their own individual lives, and do not appreciate how tough it is to simply Get A Job. I Have a TON and S***-Load of Responsibilities and Worries here at home care-taking my mother, dogs, cats, and to my own passion of my Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon Family, my City of Cwcville, my own Only-Me Psychic Connection to my family and friends there, in that dimension. So, I'll be darned if I Do Not already have enough on my plate at most given times, as they are at those respective moments. And I Have Matured Emotionally and Mentally; More than you could ever imagine. And I do have a great empathy skill, so I am fully capable of putting myself into any of your individual shoes.

ALSO, I would very much appreciate being addressed and referred to in the Female Pronouns, from Now On, not only in this Thread, but All Threads. And my Name is Christine; Chris or Chris Chan is also acceptable when addressing me. Mainly Remember, please, that I Am Woman.

I will leave you all for the moment with these words. My Time and Presence on These Forums of yours are NOT to Troll any of you. I will Not Bully Anyone, and I certainly have not, nor will ever, Harass anyone. I can and will offer kindness and support on the safe online areas of my Twitter, Facebook, or similar Social Media pages where I do frequent in the Typing form of communication or sharing. I Am a person, Just like Each and Every One of You All, but I Am Better than to sink to a Trolling level, despite any and all past times I have felt need to. And Those will Not be brought up again, if you all will please. My information past and present shared May go towards making a better documentary or series of my characters. USE COMMON SENSE, and LOVE; my stories are Not Dark, and aside from my trial at saucy tidbits, The main targeted age rating is TV-Y7 And Above. Y7! I encourage fan creativity, stylish arts as individually possible, but also retro style and in younger skill levels for those who Are in that age range, or are mentally alone in that age range. Let us all make this a Brighter and Better Future not only for Me, but Everyone I Care for and About Very Much from my Heart and Soul. Love Is Love! I thank you all for your understanding, compassion, kindness and respect.

To each and every one of you, with all due respect, I wish you a Great and Safe Day.

Miss Christine Weston Chandler (formerly known as Christopher and Christian).


The bad cut of meat ●3●
Aug 15, 2017
What do you have against people with other forms of disabilities? You said you won't want to date somebody who is 'slow in the mind', but don't you also have anxiety?

Why does Sonichu not going on adventures or saving the world like a hero? Usually, comicbook heroes go on adventures to save the world.


please pluck your nose hairs.
Oct 7, 2016
if you want women to love you for who you are, then why can't you love another trans-woman? isn't that a bit hypocritical? if jessie turns out to have a dick, will she still be your sweetheart?

also, as a girl, i was wondering why you don't put more effort into your appearance. there are better clothes you can wear to flatter your shape. there are sailor neptune wigs online, you know. if you really want that seagreen haircolor.

and last question. is jessica okay with you posting on here?
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