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  • Despite what alcoholic retards are saying, there are no plans to shut down the Kiwi Farms.
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Hi Chris Chan, welcome to Kiwi Farms! Hopefully no one screws this up.

I've been wondering: What are your favorite musicals? I know you've mentioned wanting to watch Gigi with a past sweetheart, and you're most notably into Mary Poppins. What else? Also, if anyone comes to mind, do you have a favorite composer of musicals?


Lesbian Sleepover

Party Announcement
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hi Christine, I have a question
Back in January 2016 you put out a video to have a "Lesbian Sleepover Party" and made an announcement. I'm honestly curious what or who was the motivation behind that?

The idea itself was not bad at all, but the YouTube crowd may have been the improper channel to hit your target demographic of Lesbians/Female-Souled-Lesbians.

I was saddened to see that the party was cancelled right after the Announcement. HAD the party happened, do you think it would have been a good time and/or do you think anyone who attended would have been (at the time) a good sweetheart material type person?

Thank for you reading this even if you cannot answer.


Hi Chris, nice to see you.
I understand if you don't want to answer this question: back when you were 15 you were demoted to the Special Education bus at Manchester High School. why was that? you've given some info but not the full picture, making it kinda confusing. Again, no problem if you don't want to answer this question if you feel it's too uncomfortable to talk about.
Another question: do you plan on completing the original version of Sonichu 13? or at least post what the plot of Sonichu 13 was going to be about? (not just the general idea of it)

Thank you for your time Chris, and have a good and safe day as well!
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Buck Mullet
Why do you hold the pencil so messed up while drawing? It really seems painful and unnatural. Ever think your drawing would improve if you approached it differently?

GS 281

Hey Christine

There is a man named Michael Jay Hirtes who lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He has been stalking and harassing you on social media for the past seven years. There are dozens of twitter profiles of his that you have blocked. We found out that he lives in a public housing project at 505 S 6th St Apt 608, Council Bluffs IA 51501-6438.

What do you have to say to someone who has given you this much negative attention, while he himself, lives in worse conditions, lives a life where his main objectives are associated with hate and being a general annoyance, and who has gone to great lengths to say harsh things to you personally, rather than sit by and comment on your unique life?
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