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Chris, one more question:
I know you don't like Trump. That's fine, no problem with that.
But my main question is: is there anything you like about Trump? Is there any law or bill he passed that you like, or anything he did for that matter?
Also, why did you feel he needed to be killed or impeached? wouldn't it be better to see if he's a good president before passing such judgement on him?
Thanks for your time, again.


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Hey there Christine, long time fan.
This is a bit of a three-parter, so bear with me.

First, do you have any interest in the SNES Classic now that it's released and available?

Second, have you ever thought about making medallions again, or have the trolls that would do chargebacks and bad reviews ruined that for the world at large?

Third, I know that you enjoy the Sonic series as a whole. Is there a particular cartoon that you preferred from It? Like SatAM or otherwise?

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Well hello there Chris!

As a British ladyperson myself (wot wot pip pip tally ho apples and pears and all that) I always wondered what draws you towards British culture so much? I know you've always had a love of Monty Python and apparently have British lineage, but I've noticed recently you've started using more 'Britishisms' in the way you type and talk. Would you ever like to visit the UK, and if so where? Do you have an opinion on Brexit? Also, do you dig the accent? I have a feeling you might!

Sorry, that turned into a lot of questions. Thanks for reading, regardless!

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Hi Christine, thanks for joining the forum! Have you ever thought about applying for Section 8 housing? If you apply and are accepted it will be years before you're actually offered housing because the waiting list is very long. The worst thing that can happen when they finally do offer it to you is that you tell them that you don't need housing at that moment. But it would be a good thing to apply now and having that option down the road if needed.

Sorry for being intrusive but I just don't want to see you in a position where your mom passes away and you possibly having no place to stay.

Thanks again for joining and ganbatte!


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Sorry, I've got one more question.

Hey Chris, it's me, hwinslow3 from twitter.

Here's my question:

You seem to be interested in making Sonichu into a commercial work.

Turning a fan comic into a commercial work requires a lot of effort. You'll need to speak with lawyers and purge or rewrite some sections of the comic to make it legal, copyright-wise.

For example, you'll need to clear out all references to Sonic and Pikachu.

Is that worth it for you? How far would you be willing to go to publish Sonichu professionally?

If you are willing to go that far, what would the Sonichu comics be like? Do you have any ideas for a legal-to-publish Sonichu series?
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