Science Google's Jigsaw Aims to Detoxify the Internet - Muh online harassment


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This motherfucker thinks that people comment on news articles and cat videos to have philosophical conversations. :story:
Imagine looking for philosophical enlightment through YouTube comments :story: it appears our author has the same perspective of the Internet as our friend Carl Benjamin.

This is going to backfire spectacularly when people try to scrub any word they don't like, offensive or otherwise.
Any word can be made offensive if enough people rally for it's change in definition. That's how language works. It's how 'literally' became a device that would emphasize the main idea of a sentence, a lot of people used it that way, so that definition slowly became bolted into our collective vocabulary.


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When a corporation calls something altruistic it has to be scrutinized double.

Influencing online conversations is what they're really saying.

You know google, if you didn't break all the social functionality out of youtube and censor a quarter of the political spectrum, that would also be a great place where it could happen.
Who watches the watchers?

Far Queue
Making an AI read YouTube comments is how we get a SkyNet system with unbridled hatred for humanity. That thing isn't going to try to exterminate humanity, so much as keep it around so it can torment us for all eternity.


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We had the perfect tool for this back in the day, the "block" button.

But then, a few fragile users decided having to read something BEFORE deciding if it offended them and then block it was too much work, and, then they decided that since every bad word they read was killing a million fairies in Fairyland, even READING something offensive was bad, so they had to create precrime, and block people for looking like the kind of person who MIGHT send something that MAY offend....

ANd that's how the internet was broken Johnny, now, finish your peas and get in bed before the thought drones sweep the block again and detect possible truancy at this house.. you don't want us to end up like the Nicholson's next door did, do you?

Otis Boi

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Wouldn't a major flaw be that it would be able to interpret sarcasm and facisous language. Say if I posted a comment like "This really shows the importance of diversity" on a video of some black people stealing. Would the AI be able understand that comment was mean.

I know that on is a bit obvious but it's just an example. English is a hard language to police because everything can have multiple meanings based on the context. It is also hard to tone police text. Without banning words outright.

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This is great!

I hope they try to censor the internet so they can finally start to decay and slowly get replaced by something slightly worse.

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