Disaster Google's Three Gender Emoji Future -


"To Plaintiffs, Greer represents serial rape"
They could work on something useful like adding recurring emails to gmail, adding customizable error bars to google sheets, making chromebooks able to run chrome efficiently. But no it's more important to draw stupid ass pictures and shield tampon terrorists


Gay Niggers from Ultra Space
Think of the obscure languages with utterly unique character sets that are being passed over so Unicode can have more versions of painting nails emoji for faggots upset that the multiple shades it comes in already all assume the users gender.


He don't
True & Honest Fan
Humanity's greatest problem, so close to a (((final))) solution.

Google has more money than God and could clone Jesus Christ and kick off First Impact if they had leadership with any sort of real ambition. Musk may be a real-life Hugo Drax but when he decides to finally build that giant space laser on Mars you can bet that shit is going to get done.

Alec Benson Leary

Creator of Asperchu
Christorical Figure
An article about gender representation within Google's emoji set wouldn't be complete without comments online (usually, but not exclusively from white men) stating "we should go back to blobs that had no gender or skin tone, easy!".
...aaaand I'm done. These people want my sympathy, my understanding, my help? Nope, not now. Because an idea that is honestly an attempt at being constructive and helpful and that could be innocently posed by literally anyone is being used as an excuse for the 10 millionth time to take a snotty crack at how awful white men are. Spoiled bobo white people are by far the most likely to be sympathetic to pointless genderqueer concepts like emojis, and yet they feel the need to remind us that we are the worst people ever. Apropos of nothing.

I'm going to go hang out with the black community, which overwhelmingly still acts like it's still the 80s and treats LGBT people like pedophiles and mocks their pain and suffering. Since they get a pass.

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