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Artcow Gorebagg / E.J. GoldGame Dev, Streamer, Guru, Musician, Trump Hater, Magician, and More!

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Star Wormwood, May 17, 2017.

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  1. So, to start off with I'm not even sure this guy is a lolcow. He's fucking weird and eccentric, there's no doubt about that, but I can't really get a laugh out of this guy's stuff. He's been involved with so much bullshit that exists on half-functioning websites that I can't even begin to wrap my head around all of it and just kinda leaves me more confused than amused. At this point I'm just digging to find out what this guy's deal is.


    So this is E.J. Gold, aka Gorebagg. The guy is a fucking smorgasbord of lolcow, seemingly producing several lifetime's work threadworthy content in various fields. This man has done streaming, machinima, music, magic lessons, books, and way more. For the sake of brevity, I'm gonna try and focus on his work in video games, mostly because that's where I can find the most info.

    The first time I found this guy was when I was watching videos of weird FPSes and I came across Exploding Lips, a game E.J. made in 1999... I think.

    Exploding Lips is a trip, a Doom clone where you shoot disembodied lips while the game assaults you with what can only be described as outsider art by way of Windows 98. Now I said I think he made this because I don't have any direct confirmation on this. Not only does this seem like the kinda weird shit he would make, but the Exploding Lips official site, which is a broken mess of a web 1.0 site, has a lovely little jpeg of a Gorebag seal of approval. The only other info I can get is that it was developed and published by Galaxy Games, who I can find no other info on. Anyway, the seal of approval links to this page, which mentions E.J. by name and is about... Bardo Safaris? Apparently bardo is a Tibetan Buddhist term to describe a state between living and dead. And E.J. is saying that you can reach this state through Diablo 2, I guess? Also there's just regular Diablo 2 builds for som- no fuck it. Fucking stop.

    This is what happens every time I try to research this guy. All I do is lose myself in a hyperlink maze for hours and all it does is bring up more questions than answers. It's never really funny either, it's just this assload of content that mixes all sort of shit with some kind of Buddhist bullshit, and then claims I can reach Nirvana by playing a lot of Team Fortress Classic.

    To zero back in on video games, E.J.'s own homepage says that he's been creating video games since the mid 80's working on an Amgia text parser game called Hoppy the Rabbit, which sadly woud never be released. He would make maps in a bunch of different FPSes in the 90s (shocker, they look shit), but the main meat of his game design career would be when he founds GODD Games. There he makes games on his custom made GODD engine, which shockingly looks like shit.
    You can buy games like FartBomb, Dragons 3d, and Wire Tap for the low price of $6.95. Yes, really.

    The crown jewel of E.J.'s game design portfolio is Urth Game: Prosperity Path. From what I can gather this is a collection of 81(!) smaller games, called orbs because fuck, that aim to improve your life through Spiritual Video Games. How does that work? Fuck me if I know, I'm not shilling out $5.99 for one of them. There are several types of orbs available, such as cleansing, insta-fix, and power, but the most interesting of these is the Seance Orbs, which let you commune with the spirit of mother fucking Elvis through the magic of video games.

    Now E.J.'s name isn't connected to this directly, but Urth Game does link to a company that he runs called IDHHB Inc which claims to be "working for the liberation of all beings everywhere" and fuck this, I'm calling it an OP for now.

    Long story short, this guy is a nut and feels like he's well worth looking into. I'll try to do more write ups as I decode what exactly the fuck this guy is on about. But I'm just gonna dump some links for now and go to bed, I can only take so much of this guy for so long before I lose it.
    http://gorebagg.com/: His main homepage, a good jumping off point to see E.J.'s various projects.
    http://gorebagg.com/where/broadcast/youtube.html: A list if his youtube channels, most of which have been abandoned
    http://www.ejgold.com/: Another home page, might be slightly more comprehensive
    http://www.gorebaggsworld.com/: A blog, I think it used to be a game dev blog but it's since devolved into anti-Trump rants mixed in with metaphysics and pictures of Second Life looking hoes.
    http://www.brane-power.com/: The homepage for E.J.'s Crystal Quantum Radio, which is a crystal that effects your brainwaves? I guess?
    http://www.idhhb.com/: I'unno, I think this is a cult based around his fucking spiritual video games?
    There's also a handy list of links to various facebook groups relating to E.J.'s various projects that might be worth digging through.
    http://www.magickman.com/: A website where you can pay E.J. for magic lessons.

    E.J. has several different live streams, all of which seem to update at least weekly. Sometimes he streams about how much he hates Trump, other times he streams about how much he hates Trump while playing guitar

    https://www.amazon.com/E.J.-Gold/e/B000APYN2G: A list of books E.J. has released, includes a $112 book about tarot cards.

    http://www.hei-art.com/: The site where he hosts his art. Nothing too offensive, but may be worth flipping through.
    Oh yeah, this is my first OP, be sure to lemme know where I fucked up
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  2. I strangely want to play these for that Win98 nostalgia mood.
    Curt Sibling

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  3. So this guy has like spiritually ascended to another plane of existence using Diablo 2? That's fucking awesome.

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  4. This guy is infamous in the Gurdjieff/Fourth Way spiritual scene as a phony, and a borderline sociopath. Not surprised at all he's had his hands in so many cons and come-ons. At 76, he must be one of the oldest /cows/ profiled here.
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  5. I'm reading those links and this stuck out afterwards as something I need more explanation about.

    "the way ‘baraka’ went to those who ‘surrendered’ to nazi total obedience games, '

    goddammit you people are going to send me down a rabbit hole.
    also so this guy is magicK not magic? for some reason I assumed he was teaching stage magic, which is why I started reading the thread and links- but he's more the occult type guy, not the rabbit-hat type.

    my god, the comments. delicious weird bullshit and salt. this is some FITE ME IRL shit.

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    cuddle striker

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