Gorl is live on youtube 4/19/19 - not younow...


fake and gay
Like genuinely depressing. I worked 9 hours today with a 15 minute break and made 90 dollars. This hoe is making that in less time. -_- The fuck is this world coming to.
Look straight down. Can you see the floor in anything but the outskirts of your peripherals? Are your cheeks and forehead/brows falling forward and restricting those same peripherals? Gorl can you see your TOES? You skinny legend! Never forget that Al would trade bodies with you, (and take two of her weight related journey would finally begin!) In a heartbeat not because of any self hatred or because you're just that damn gorgeous, but because she is actively and continuously dying. All that money doesn't mean Jack when shes 3 feet under. (Poor Becks got confused, it couldn't possibly be "3 ft wide and 6 ft deep!" Ham would never fit!)

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