GOT A NEW CAMERA & GROCERY HAUL!!!!! - 8/23/2020 -


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I'm going to be completely honest and say when the video opened with her holding the dog biscuit the way she was I 100% thought she was going to eat it (there's a mukbang idea)

Also I agree she seemed high off her ass in the beginning (or manic or both). I don't get why she bothers buying cameras at all since she always goes back to using her phone anyway


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Hilarious that she thinks people recognize her because she doesn't wear makeup and when she does she's incognito. She's recognizable from a thousand feet away makeup or not. Her distinctive body shape was put on those retarded "Petty Patches" ffs.
Has anyone ever seen any of these fan pictures in the wild besides the one of her outside the vet? She claims she has taken many pics with fans but I’ve never seen any.

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*dying* she went to Best Buy flexing her $$$ in a grandma moomoo 🤣🤣🤣 Wonder if she went in 🤔 she made it sound like she did.
Amberlynn Mouth Thruster Watch

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little tunggy is out at 0:26 seconds

She has GOT to be manic right now
She's shopping, eating, & talking rapidly
Bets on how fast she'll be gaining back her 89 elbeez

edit - her saying how hard it is for her to breath in her mask is literally her getting out of breath for walking and talking...
edit 2 - Amber, stop spreading false sentiments, its not your mask making you feel like your suffocating like your being covered by "a newspaper" its your fucking fat
edit 3- format
Lets just hope the new camera is not equipped with smell o vision.


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Pet Peeve: who fucking leaves the keys in the car while getting gas. Becky is a fucking moron leaving the door open fueling the PorkWagon™ , rude for leaving that fucking chime and a Chad for interrupting the video process LOL

B+ For Effort: Amber REALLY is trying to supplement and improve her content. She was uncommonly non-cunty discussing her videos being boring. She keeps a positive attitude . She's got the "bubbly" knob turned up to 8 currently. For new viewers this would fool them into becoming fresh Amababies. For those of us with PTSD (Pie Tendies Snacks Disorder) with her we know this is 50% ruse 50% attempt at improvement. Give it a week.

Snooze : THIRD fucking trip to Target in three calendar days. My word.

12:31 timestamp: Amber's soundcard hits a memory fault and partially blue-screens. Beware...

Best Buy: is the fucking worst. They sold them the wrong shit and I can't even fault the wonder lesbians here. Best Buy is dick.

Grocery Haul: see "Sodium and Sugar Haul" page 248

In a world where everyone is trying to avoid getting sick, Amber is shopping at retail places a far hike out. Amazon probably would be a better deal at this point for her health.

Allegedly some family of Becky's shows up and they all headed out to eat, we don't receive any footage.

Best part of the video: Amber isn't wearing a seat belt ever here.

Becky's driving is utter shit.
Did she literally buy a camera immediately after her old one glitched at one video? Like test it and see if it's consistent, fix it, google it. Instead of spending $700 on a product, it seems she doesn't really want/need.

Edit: She did decide to give her old camera last chance at the end of the video, big bruh moment.

Guys she has a hard time breathing in this thing (mask). At 9 minute something the breathing you can hear from behind the camera is like a horror movie.
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Has anyone ever seen any of these fan pictures in the wild besides the one of her outside the vet? She claims she has taken many pics with fans but I’ve never seen any.

Christ on a bike.... hope she is saving for skin removal surgery because that is only going to get worse

So she went out early in the morning saying she didn't get much sleep because of 'caffeine' (how much cola did she drink?) -
She went out in her MuuMuu - the beginning of the end,

Becky's face is melting

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumber waddling around a shopping mall touching stuff they are not going to buy whilst filming them selves

That food shopping haul actually made me feel sick,....





Opera Jesus H Christ - has she been kneading chocolate cookie dough?

Opera Is this Amber's rarely seen 'cum-face'?

Skipping through Amber's vlogs never fails to give some delightful screen captures
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This is what I imagined would have happened as Amber and Becky, both extremely large girls with terrible feet coordination, walked around the glass shop. A part of me wondered if the sale person was holding their breath the entire time our two girls were inside there.

Also. Where on earth is Becky getting these Spongebob tshirts? They're nice, but such an odd choice to wear in public.
Lmao, she's getting rid of the camera because it was a bit too honest with her.

On Sony's website, when you go to the camera she got it says "Beautiful and natural skin tones for everyone". It also says "The ZV-1 is built to get great shots while you're moving. With amazing image stabilization, you can shoot smooth video when walking...". I think she just started it, used whatever default settings it had and thought it was shit because she's so tech incompetent and lazy, she can't be bothered to switch on a setting. To quote the video "I don't do technology". With the shakiness, she could also be filming in 60fps and rendering on her phone in 30, which could probably make things a little jarring. In addition to that, I doubt any amount of stabilization can take away the waddle walk.