Goth attempted murder trial in Norwich, CT has it all - Strangulation, BDSM, an amputee, and oh so much autism


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Michael Lovering, who lost his legs two years ago after a strangling incident at his Norwich apartment, became sick on the witness stand Friday while enduring a full day of cross-examination in New London Superior Court.

Lovering vomited into a waste basket just as prosecutor Stephen M. Carney, arguing that defense attorney Damon A.R. Kirschbaum’s prolonged questioning was “borderline abusive,” noticed Lovering was ill and asked for a recess. Lovering recovered a short time later and continued testifying.

The 37-year-old double amputee, now living with his mother in Denham Springs, La., was testifying at the trial of his former friend and roommate, Kristopher P. Prudhomme, 30, of Houston, Texas.

Prudhomme is accused of using a corset string to strangle Lovering after learning Lovering had sex with Prudhomme’s girlfriend, Lauren Muskus. The state alleges Prudhomme left Lovering suffering for 12 to 14 hours in a position that resulted in the loss of circulation that necessitated the amputation of both legs.

He wheeled himself into the courtroom Friday morning, hoisted his body into the witness stand and quietly answered the barrage of questions from the defense. Lovering wears his head half shaven and his ears weighted down by large black gauge plugs. According to testimony, he and Prudhomme were involved in the industrial Goth scene, which is centered around electronic music.

Kirschbaum used photographs from Lovering’s Facebook page as he attempted to convince the jury that Lovering was suicidal and had a heavy drinking problem.

Lovering denied being suicidal, though he admitted he had struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. He calmly identified a whip shown in a picture of his bedroom in Norwich as his “flogger,” and said he was rolling around in fake blood at a concert of the heavy metal band Gwar in another photograph that Kirschbaum showed him. Lovering testified that he had a large collection of pornography on his cellphone, didn’t care who knew about it and had engaged in sex with people he didn’t know.

“I danced a lot. I used to dance a lot,” Lovering testified after Kirschbaum showed him a photograph of himself lying on the ground, bending backwards, and asked whether he used to be flexible.

According to testimony, Lovering, Prudhomme and Muskus returned from a show in New Haven about 2 a.m. on the morning of Oct. 22, 2016. Lovering said he was sitting in his bedroom, his legs bent at the knees and his feet tucked under his buttocks, facing Muskus, who was sitting on his bed. He said he had felt guilty that Prudhomme didn’t know they had sex. He said he felt a pressure around his neck, everything went black and, the next thing he knew, he woke up in Hartford Hospital with no legs.

Lovering said he didn’t see who strangled him but Prudhomme was the only other person in the apartment besides him and Muskus. His mother called police on Nov. 2 after speaking with her son, who had awakened a few days earlier from a medically induced coma. Kirschbaum tried to get Lovering to commit to a timeline of the events, but Lovering repeatedly said he didn’t remember.

One of Kirschbaum’s lines of questioning involved the death of Lovering’s friend in Louisiana under suspicious circumstances. The man had died of a gunshot wound to the head, according to testimony, and people thought that Lovering knew something about it or was involved in his death. Carney, the prosecutor, attempted to limit testimony about the incident, noting with the jury out of the courtroom that it would be unfair for the defense to suggest it was a homicide, that the man’s death was ruled a suicide and that Lovering was not implicated.

But Lovering admitted he was “getting blamed for everything” after the friend’s death and got a tattoo on his right forearm that said “End.” When he got to Norwich, he was looking to start a new life but had given Prudhomme all of his money for rent, had no job and was “off the wagon” in terms of his substance abuse, Lovering testified.

Kirschbaum also explored through questioning the possibility that Lovering injured himself while practicing erotic asphyxiation, or autoerotic asphyxiation. Lovering said he was familiar with the practice, in which a person tightens a noose around the neck to restrict the supply of oxygen and increase sexual excitement, but said had never participated in it. He admitted commenting “totally” on a friend’s post that referred to erotic asphyxiation but said it was just a joke.

The prosecutor objected to Kirschbaum’s prolonged and repetitive questioning of Lovering, saying the defense attorney was trying to “run out the clock” and citing a victim’s constitutional rights. Judge Barbara Bailey Jongbloed sustained some of the objections and told Kirschbaum to question Lovering about new information.

Kirschbaum cited a text in which Lovering wrote, “I wish he succeeded,” which Kirschbaum inferred was a reference by Lovering that Prudhomme attempted to kill him. Lovering said he has never wanted to die, though he admitted he has “night terrors.”

“My life is a lot more difficult now,” he said. “I’m not as independent as I used to be. I’m stuck in the same four walls. I know it’s hard.”

Near the end of the day, Jongbloed allowed Carney to put into evidence a photograph of Lovering looking forlorn after waking from an induced coma at Hartford Hospital to discover he had no legs. Kirschbaum objected to the photograph, saying it was too prejudicial.

The state will continue to present its case when the trial resumes next week.


Better killing through chemistry!
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It gets better!

NEW LONDON - The judge presiding over Kristopher Prudhomme’s assault trial said most details of the former Norwich man’s sex life should remain off-limits to jurors.

Prudhomme’s trial in New London Superior Court continued Tuesday.

Assistant State’s Attorney Stephen Carney, who is prosecuting Prudhomme, said he wanted to introduce into evidence Facebook messages Prudhomme exchanged with his girlfriend, Lauren Muskus, in the days after Prudhomme’s roommate, then-35-year-old Michael Lovering, was found with life-threatening injuries on Oct. 22, 2016, on the floor of his Norwich bedroom.

“The Facebook records indicate that the defendant had a lactation fetish” and gave Muskus pills to make her lactate, Carney said.

Carney is trying to prove Prudhomme choked Lovering using a cord from a leather corset belonging to Lovering after Lovering confessed he had sex with Muskus.

Lovering was found lying on his bedroom floor in his and Prudhomme’s apartment on East Main Street. Because of the position he was in, with his knees sharply bent for a prolonged period of time, both Lovering’s legs had to be amputated at the knee, according to earlier trial testimony. Lovering was found with three ligature marks around his neck.

Prudhomme, 37, who now lives in Houston, Texas, is charged with two counts first-degree assault, second-degree assault, first-degree strangulation, cruelty to persons and tampering with physical evidence.

Carney said because Prudhomme and Lovering both said they had sex with the same woman at times before moving to Norwich and it hadn’t caused jealousy, he needed to explain to jurors why Lovering’s confession about Muskus had led to what he claimed was Prudhomme’s attack.

“What’s different about Lauren Muskus and all the women they shared in the past?” Carney said. The prosecutor said the Facebook messages show “It’s an extraordinary and close relationship that Mr. Lovering is interfering with,” which provides Prudhomme with a strong motive for the attack.

The messages show Prudhomme and Muskus “desire to have a life together, a baby together,” and, in addition, she was willingly satisfying Prudhomme’s lactation fetish, Carney argued.

Damon Kirschbaum, who is defending Prudhomme, said Carney was only speculating about why or whether the relationship with Muskus was different than others Prudhomme has had. “I think there’s no relevance, certainly no probative value,” he said. “It really is a waste of time to do this.”

Kirschbaum pointed out that Prudhomme and Muskus broke up shortly afterward. Both were arrested in December 2016. Muskus, who is expected to testify at the trial next week, is charged with tampering with evidence.

“That’s an awful lot of detail about something that has the potential to be prejudicial,” said Judge Barbara Jongbloed, who is presiding over the trial. “It’s not really something the jury should hear right now.”

The judge sent jurors home for the day on Tuesday afternoon, and she and the attorneys spent several hours after that reviewing each of the Facebook messages and deciding which ones jurors can be told about on Wednesday.

Also Tuesday, Norwich Police Detective Kyle Besse testified for the second day about his investigation that led to him arresting Prudhomme. He said Lovering’s corset, which Prudhomme told him had been packed up and taken away by Lovering’s family, actually turned up at Muskus’ home in Monroe.

Besse said he and Investigator Joe Maldonado drove to the condominium complex on Nov. 4, 2016, and waited outside until Prudhomme and Muskus drove up. The detective testified talking to Prudhomme apart from Muskus, Prudhomme repeated his claim about the corset. But at the same time, Besse said, Muskus told Maldonado the corset was inside her home.

Besse said he then confronted Prudhomme with what Maldonado told him Muskus said. “Mr. Prudhomme was unable to respond,” Besse said. “He was silent for several seconds with a very surprised look on his face.”

Only then, Besse said, did Prudhomme admit Muskus had the corset because “I gave it to her.”

Besse said he seized the corset, which is part of the trial’s evidence.

Besse testified the position Lovering was seen in by a responding police officer, with his knees bent double, showed Prudhomme lied when he said he gave Lovering CPR and tried to take him to a shower when he found him on his bedroom floor.

The trial is scheduled to resume Wednesday and then break for Thanksgiving and continue next week.
TL;DR: lol lactation fetish

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I agree. It doesn't stand up to scrutiny.
The fact that they completely glossed over how he lost his legs and just chalked it up to "lol he got blood choked and woke up in the hospital the next day with his legs amputated" is fucking hilarious. The absolute state of MSM news. 10:1 he was doing some bondage shit with the other friend, angry friend choked him out, and the two panicked when he didn't wake up and left him tied up for an extended period of time before calling 911.


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Trial continues and keeps delivering the goods.
Defense attorneys at Kristopher Prudhomme's strangulation trial in New London Superior Court Monday called on a medical examiner from Michigan to present an alternative explanation for the injuries sustained by Michael Lovering.

Prudhomme, 30, now of Houston, Texas, is charged with using the string of a corset to strangle Lovering on Oct. 22, 2016, at their apartment on East Main Street in Norwich. Prudhomme is accused of leaving Lovering in an unnatural position for 12 to 15 h1ours after the strangulation attempt, causing Lovering to lose circulation to his legs, which had to be amputated.

Dr. Ljubisa Jovan Dragovic, chief medical examiner for Oakland County, testified that the red marks on Lovering's neck were not consistent with strangulation but could have been caused by scratching or scraping or use of some kind of "contraption" to cut off his blood supply to increase sexual arousal during an autoerotic exercise. Dragovic said ligature marks, which result from strangulation, are typically horizontally situated, but that the marks on Lovering's neck, based on a photo taken in the emergency room at The William W. Backus Hospital, were "obliquely oriented," or diagonal.

Dragovic was one of five medical examiners who testified at the 2010 trial in New London of Charles Buck, who was found not guilty of murdering his schoolteacher wife, Leslie Buck at their Stonington home in 2002. Dragovic had testified for the defense.

Connecticut's Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. James Gill, had testified for the state last week that neck compression, or strangulation, caused Lovering to lose consciousness but not long enough to be fatal. He said the intoxication from the alcohol that Lovering had reportedly consumed heavily throughout the previous night kept him in a semi-comatose state in the kneeling position that caused him to lose circulation to the legs.

The defense has been exploring the personal lives of both Prudhomme and Lovering, who had met while involved in the Goth subculture and electronic music scene in New Orleans. Prudhomme had relocated to Connecticut to work as a draftsman at Electric Boat, and in October 2016, Lovering, who was jobless, moved north to live with him and get a new start. The state alleges that Prudhomme attacked Lovering after Lovering confessed he had sex with Prudhomme's girlfriend, Lauren Muskus. The defense has suggested that Lovering was depressed, highly intoxicated and suicidal on the night he suffered the injuries that left him legless.

On Friday, Plynlymon Rowe, the wife of Lovering's former best friend, Shade Sanguis, testified that when she knew Lovering in New Orleans, he worked only sporadically, told her he sold drugs, neglected his health and sometimes got confused due to getting beaten on the head several years ago.

Rowe's husband, Sanguis, an actor, disappeared from his home in the fall of 2015 and was found weeks later, dead of a gunshot wound to the head that was ruled a suicide. According to earlier testimony, people within Sanguis' circle of friends thought Lovering knew something, or had something to do with Sanguis' death, and that caused Lovering to be depressed.

Defense witness Mary "Violet" Reed offered perhaps the strangest testimony of the trial to date, telling jurors she had engaged in sexual activities involving bondage, dominance and submission with both Prudhomme and Lovering. She said she had met Prudhomme on the dating site in 2014 and at first they had an exclusive relationship, but decided to do the "poly" lifestyle, engaging in sex with multiple partners they met at Goth night events at local alternative clubs.

Reed said she met Lovering at a club. She said he taught her about autoerotic asphyxiation and had choked her to unconsciousness during sex. Reed testified Lovering was a "switch" who enjoyed being both dominant and submissive. She said "everyone knew" that Lovering had suicidal tendencies and that he would engage in headbanging and other activities to hurt himself.

She said Lovering liked to keep women as "pets" and insisted she be faithful even though he was having sex with others and that he gave her human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease. She said he stalked her and scared her and she broke up with him. Reed spoke of her continuing relationship with Prudhomme, and described how he and others in the Goth scene wore "fangs" made by a "fangsmith" named Maven Lore.

"It's kind of a cosmetic thing," Reed testified.

On Monday, the defense called Yale psychiatrist Alexander Westphal, who specializes in autism, to explain how Prudhomme's behaviors could be mischaracterized. Prudhomme was diagnosed in 2013 with high functioning autism, sometimes referred to as Asperger's syndrome. Westphal said that Prudhomme has average intelligence but that his autism pervades every aspect of his life.

"He belonged to the Goth subculture," Westphal said. "That was a way of him trying to fit in. He put on a persona other than his own and joined up with other misfits."

The defense expects to rest Tuesday afternoon. Attorneys for both sides are tentatively scheduled to deliver closing arguments on Wednesday. Judge Barbara Bailey Jongbloed will then instruct the six-member jury on the law before the panel begins deliberating.

Prudhomme has pleaded not guilty to first-degree assault, second-degree assault, intentional cruelty to persons and tampering with evidence. In taking his case to trial, he turned down an offer from the court to plead guilty in exchange for a prison sentence of up to seven years.


break these cuffs

The weak should fear the strong

Prudhomme, 30, now of Houston, Texas, is charged with using the string of a corset to strangle Lovering on Oct. 22, 2016, at their apartment on East Main Street in Norwich. Prudhomme is accused of leaving Lovering in an unnatural position for 12 to 15 h1ours after the strangulation attempt, causing Lovering to lose circulation to his legs, which had to be amputated.
He was fucking him for at least some of that 12-15 hours.

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