Gotham High (Finally! Batman for the Riverdale crowd!) -


I miss the time when the show was good
The idea of a teen drama set in Gotham was already done (Gotham Academy) and despite that being during The New 52 period I am sure it still was better than this shit
That is such an ineloquent and awkward way to say "Tried to design him as a syphathetic antivillain". Also, I hope he gets a damaged tattoo.

I dont see the point of making Alfred a gay uncle. I thought part of the appeal to their dynamic was someone who wasnt obligated to raise an orphan child chose to. Alfred could have hung back and been a professional, but he chose to raise and support Bruce however he could, and still sasses him to this day.

The writer said making Bruce half Chinese would be putting a little something of herself in there, which strikes me as a little odd: instead of a trait personality trait its a background and racial one. While background can influence personality, it just feels strange that its not something like "I emphasized how he deals awkwardly with people he loves because I relate to that". Like, adding unnecessary detail instead of expanding on what was present within the character already. I might be wrong but it feels as if she didnt have much feeling towards Bruce in the first place. She wants to focus on how his wealth is a double edge sword and how his privilage seperates him from others (could be interesting in the right hands!) and chooses to change an element of him just to make him more palitable to her. Hes more of a vehicle for her and didnt care until she racebent him while the main-er focus will be on the joker and Selena bc villain love, but again I could be wrong.
Oh I see you didn't hear about Tom King bringing back Flashpoint Thomas Wayne, had work with Bane and
after many things happened near the end of his tenure as writer he had Bane kill Alfred who is dead right because in THE FUCKING HACK words "it was necessary for Bruce to live"
There some lines in comicsmthat should not be ever crossed and that? THAT'S SOMETHING EVEN SCOTT SNYDER AT HIS WORST NEVER DID
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Ki ki ki ma ma ma
UK at this point idc what that pegasiater marrying lolcow linkara says I'd seriously take all star batman and Robin over this crap.
At least all star batman and no 5-7ish has batman beating up people and being a badass