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The Cruxshadows are a darkwave/synthpop band. Features violin on many tracks if you're into that sort of thing:

Their early stuff was more standard gothic rock fare:

Their lyrics read like bad teenage poetry but they sound nice at least.
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Kommunity FK is a gothic post punk/deathrock band formed in California in 1978.

Here's one from their first album, 1983's The Vision and The Voice

Here's a music video from their second album, 1985's Close One Sad Eye

another from their second album

1919 are a gothic post punk band formed in England in 1980.

Short creepy music box intro, then onto the intense, rhythmic tribal drum beats, pounding bass, ominous dissonant guitars and post punk vocals!


The Glove were a supergroup featuring Robert Smith of the cure and Steven Severin of Siouxsie and the Banshees fame. They formed in 1983 and released one album, Blue Sunshine.


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Coil are an experimental/industrial group formed in 1982 from former members of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. They have a huge discography.

Harsh industrial beats and punky gothic vocals on this track from their first album, 1984's Scatology.
Mmmmm, Coil-ey. Also:

I'm a huge fan of their albums Love's Secret Domain and Stolen and Contaminated Songs (outtakes from the LSD sessions).

Man vs persistent rat

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I've been getting onto a dangerous Nephilim kick recently (they always end with disappointment in 1. the lack of creativity from other bands, 2. that FotN never reached their full potential). They have my favourite vocals in gothic rock, fantastic instrumentalists, really cool concept and overall production, and some real bangers.

There's some fuckery with their music and region blocking so I included some alt-links.

The ambient into to this is actually the outro from the previous track, but it sounds good presented like this:



This is an unfinished/abandoned track from an unofficial album but it has a great drawl to it:


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Diva Destruction are probably one of my all time favorite Gothic Rock/Darkwave band, easily one of the best (imo) from the late 90s-early 00s Goth era. Unfortunately this was when the Mall Goth thing started and a lot of actual Goth bands were getting overshadowed by non-goth bands that were being wrongly labeled as Goth.

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Specemin were an English Gothic Post Punk/Deathrock band that formed in 1980. They were a part of the Batcave scene, and also have a strong Glam Rock influence in their sound.

Spooky song with a funky bass line.


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There are a lot of great selections here already. I would like to add Mephisto Walz (gothic rock/ethereal wave/darkwave) to the list. Here are a few of my favorites:

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I know I already posted a Sex Gang Children song, and so did someone else, but this one hasn't been posted, and I've been quite addicted to it the past couple of weeks.

It's got a great, heavy industrial/tribal drumming, really cool atmospheric synth and guitar backing, song tempo changes, and shifts between spoken lyrics and over the top dramatic delivery.
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T.S.O.L. are an American hardcore punk band formed in 1978, and early on heavily associated with the deathrock and gothic rock scene.

Song from their first album, 1981's Dance with me, about necrophilia. Has an early hardcore punk sound with morbid lyrics.

Song from their second album, 1982's Beneath the Shadows, has a more obvious gothic influence, like what The Damned were doing a few years later in the mid eighties.

Song from their third album, 1984's Change Today? Punky goth blues reminiscent of The Birthday Party.

They have a bunch more albums as well. Cool band.

This Burning Effigy were an ethereal wave/gothic post punk band from Ireland, formed in 1993.

Really relaxing stuff. If you're into Cocteau Twins you'll probably like this.