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If any of you ever have the chance to see Swans live, DO SO because you'll never forget the experience. I saw (what I thought) was one of their last shows in 1997 and the bass was so loud that my entire body vibrated. It was almost a spiritual experience, and I met Eva O (Super Heroines/Christian Death/Shadow Project) and hung out with her so that was an added bonus. Also, go see whatever Dinah Cancer from 45 Grave is up to, because she is a lot of fun.
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Balaam and the Angel are a gothic rock / post punk band with glam overtones formed in Scotland in 1984.


Man vs persistent rat

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French can play too.

As an aside to the last track (less guitar-driven coldwave), I am all about this Sisterhood cut:

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Ghost Dance were a gothic post punk band formed in 1984 by ex-Sisters of Mercy guitarist Gary Marx and ex-Skeletal Family vocalist Anne-Marie Hurst.

Cool cover of the Roxy Music song:

Yardbirds cover:

Golden Earring cover:

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