World Government Shutdown Megathread/Updates - News of the ongoing/halted Goverment Shutdown from 12/22/18 -1/25/19


Here's the news of the Government Shutdown as of 1/22/19

It's been a month now since this shutdown started which started back in December and no deal seems to be coming.

"The longest government shutdown in U.S. history entered its 32nd day on Tuesday with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expected to call up legislation to advance a proposal from President Donald Trump, which Democrats have already said they’ll reject.

The president said in a Jan. 19 speech he would support a mix of immigration-related proposals in exchange for $5.7 billion to build a wall or other barriers along the border. Trump’s supporters, including Vice President Mike Pence, pointed to the offer as evidence of the president’s willingness to strike a compromise with Democrats.

Pelosi’s Democrats, meanwhile, plan more votes of their own in the House to reopen the government, with a new offer of $1 billion for border upgrades -- but not a wall -- on tap this week.

NeoGAF Lurker

An Niggo
good. i just hope trump does not back down and gets his wall funding. too much is invested if he fails his presidency is dead in the water
Trump has the upper hand and if wall funding falls through, the GOP will be massacred in 2020 as it’s the most important issue for the base. They know it and the Democrats know it too. This shutdown isn’t going to get resolved anytime soon.

Testaclese Maximus

a lunatic just barking at the moon
True & Honest Fan
How does society function if the government shuts down? Like, what does it actually entail?
They still get paid and collect taxes, I think they just get to do it from home. It’s like a cop getting “administrative leave” after killing a minority, except the cop had a real job to begin with and less blood on his hands.

Sissy Galvez
I want to see Trump throw more crazy bones like single payer in exchange for the wall just so the democrats have to vote against it. They already rejected his DACA proposal.

What’s funny to me is how the Democrats whine about the federal employees not being paid and when given an out they don’t take because of the “racist wall”. Seems to me they’re the ones responsible for this shut down.

2 litre soda

For what we do, we have to grovel?
I'm waiting for the welfare queens to start rioting over this.
It's going to be interesting indeed when a few missed food stamps, missed social security checks, and disability payments lead to folks lining up like in Soviet Russia for the soup kitchens.

I wonder how many of them will have been Trump voters?


I could really use the salt
Trump has the upper hand and if wall funding falls through, the GOP will be massacred in 2020 as it’s the most important issue for the base. They know it and the Democrats know it too. This shutdown isn’t going to get resolved anytime soon.
Good. The longer this shit goes on the more obvious it becomes to everyday Americans how needless most government is.


Are you now, or have you ever been?
What cracks me up is the most hated government functionaries right next to IRS employees are TSA employees (and rightly so, they're ineffective, capricious, authoritarian dickheads, and most of the staff is in the 85-90 IQ range, the percentage of felony offenses for TSA employees is high, theft is fucking rampant...but I digress). Everyone hates the TSA. They've never prevented a single fucking thing. When was the last time you heard the words "The TSA today stopped...". No, if there's air terror about to happen, the CIA, NSA, FBI or some combination thereof stop it. The TSA stands people next to harmful radiation emitting gadgets based so poorly in science that they might have come from an L. Ron Hubbard novel, they have a track record of just ruining people's lives, not to mention flights...they've never stopped a God-damned thing, and now we're stuck with them for eternity.

And yet the lugenpresse is crying crocodile tears because this pack of overzealous mall cops are struggling to make ends meet. When Obama let the gov't shutdowns happen on his watch nobody was bawling in their Methodist prayer books and bringing lentil soup 'round to National Parks employees. Fuck no, the press was gleefully reporting on the sad reality that those hard-headed old Republicans made St. Hussein chain up the WW2 memorial.

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