Graeme Kelly / Irishbrony1988 / @IrishbronyKelly - Brony, clopper, depressed gaming youtuber, not a pedophile, lol look at his nose


Hohoho... so I am!
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Is Graeme hinting towards him thinking about raping women or something
Did he get exempt from sex-ed because teachers knew Graeme wouldn't get laid ever? I had to reread that Tweet to figure what exactly he said. Graeme failed English class in Secondary, so he did.
That tweet is fucking ominous and raises way too many disturbing questions. How did he come to "no way to much" about such things? Does he have a webcam hidden in his brother's room?
Graeme uses the right eye to spy on his brother. Always wondered why it looks away from the camera during videos, so I do.


*teleports behind you* " I am"


Hohoho... so I am!
Amazing. I can only imagine what sort of traps he'd set up... probably a tripwire that drops his stash of dirty diapers onto you.
Robbers falling in fossilized dog shit, a tape repeating noises of his brother having sex, Graeme's big nose hoovering the thieves. The possibilities are endless!

Edit: Graeme whines about wanting a girlfriend and being single.

Graeme posted warnings about KF. Probably trying to stop his friends from seeing the weird shit Graeme's done.

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I think I'd blocked that from my brain. I remembered that I'd read it before when I opened the link. Bless you, you are a stronger kiwi than I

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Hard to believe the first tweet comes from someone in their early 30's, so it is. Graeme tries using the "I am here for you" card so people would talk to him. He also tweets about twilight and having anxiety attacks, so he does.
11pm is oddly specific

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