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In recent years it used to be the brony communities. I wonder where all that autism will go now the friendship is no longer so magic?
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the graffiti scene produces a lot of nut jobs.
They're not cows in the traditional sense on account of how violent they can be, but good Lord does that community encourage the absolute worst behavior.

Any competitive creative scene will do that, IMO
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UFO and paranormal communities
I tend to agree and would add in any community of conspiracy theorists communities on terms of sheer concentration of crazy.

In terms of most content I would say YouTube, especially youtubers who were popular for a short time or had a one-off video that was successful. The sheer arrogance and lack of self awareness usually translates to hilarious results.

SomethingAwful. Not only because of their spergs like Shmorky and HBomberguy but their spergs made other sperg websites. 4Chan was an ADTRW outgrowth. Reddit for GBS. They were way ahead of the rest of the internet in breeding internet nutcases. Shit, they invented the word "troon" and were the ones who first found and failtrolled Chris.


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The NMRA (National Model Railroad Association). While l this infamous organization goes under the radar the members are known for Chris-Chan tantrums. Examples include:
Ordering an English Modeler to "Get your motherfucking Thomas the Tank Engine shit out of this convention now!" (The English modeler had a layout that modeled a National Coal Board Colliery layout)
Reading Rod Stewart the Riot Act before he sees your famous model railroad (For those who don't know Rod Stewart is a huge model Railroad fan who has a magnificent layout.)
Reading a bunch of children the riot act because they dared look in the direction of your layout.
Banning people under the age of 30 from seeing your model railroad despite your layout being part of the tour they paid money to go on.
Tard Raging and then flipping a model railroad over because the layout has a model of PettyCoat Junction station complete with the pretty girls skinny dipping in the water tower.

And there's so much more.


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Trains are really quite a tard magnet, the world over. I hear there are some pretty serious train spergs in japan too but I'd expect no less from glurrius nippon.
There's an exceptional fellow who pops up at Panera in my town from time to time and puts on train themed puppet shows in the seating area. He's even got models of different trains that he lays out on the table around him.

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