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Niemals schlafen! Alles Lügen!
That site is still around? From what I remember it was just people giving milktoast takes on albums that are already highly rated by critics. Would be amusing to see who is still giving Justin Bieber 1 star reviews.
RYM is now a cesspool full of trannies. Just take a look at the discussion boxes for these albums:

"Can more gender options be available?"
idol [RYM] said:
i mean, i guess there is a blank option, but that's kinda bullshit 2 make ppl of The Other Side have to lose a part of their identity
"Trans Media Diary"
"anxious trans girl virtual death soundtrack [loosely ordered by how intensely they make my flesh vessel writhe uwu]"

It's a site for obsessives, so there's basically an infinite fractal of exceptionalism. There are occasional RYM/Sonemic threads on /mu/ that basically serve as a discount Community Watch for this one site in particular.

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