Greediest Lolcow? -


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Definitely Chris Chan. What kind of mooch just accepts money from the government that his debilitating mental issues entitle him too? Obviously nobody’s tweeted him about getting a real job and not being a real woman yet.


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Brianna Wu hands down. Cows like DSP, Wings, or Chris just are not ambitious enough to even come close to Brianna. Every fucking dime Wu has held was not deserved and came from someone elses pocket. Not only that but the money is then used to further Wu's never ending quest for power whether its to be a figurehead "woman" in the videogame industry or the recent political bids. They will never stop lusting for power, an appetite that will never be satisfied.

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Definitely Yanderedev
I’m giving this a +1 because unlike cows who ask for donations, yanderedev takes and then makes profit with other peoples work and has made it clear he will NEVER pay for someone’s work.
Giving someone 10$ is just that, but giving someone fanwork and then making idk how much from game sales puts him in a special category imo


100% Jason Genova. Over the years he has gained the title of Iron extortionist from multiple sagas where he has scammed multiple people and a ceo of a multi million dollar fitness suppliant company because he felt pity for him because of his 1% barely noticeable autism. Heres a video of him obviously lying straight to the face of the ceo that hes scamming.

A few years back he sold merch and never delivered on the orders and his fans got upset. So he made and apology where he came clean and demanded respect for coming clean because hes "entitled" to the 200$ he scammed.


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There is this null guy who always begs for money in random discords. I wonder whats up with that dude. Probably just another MAGA tradthot.


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Darksydephil easily. It's baffling with the extent to which he'll go just to make money.
But more than half of "Internet famous" subforum would also qualify pretty high up here. Once they get a little taste of that YouTube and Twitch gravy train, it's astounding just how far that kind of entitlement can go.


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Gonna have to go with Johnny Boy Brianna Wu. Squandered hundreds of thousands of daddy's dollars to abuse some lackeys as coders for a horrible iphone game, only for it to crash and burn. Tie in a million e-begs and campaigning for political donations and you have one of the most pernicious greedy cows on the internet.

That said, he's much more of a high-effort beggar than the typical streamer begging over twitch, so I'll give him that.