Green Day have written a Graphic Novel, and it's WOKE - Don't wanna be American & Irrelevant...

Why are they doing this?

  • They are true Punk Rockers (TM), and this is just another example of them fighting THE SYSTEM, man!

    Votes: 13 9.2%
  • They're a desperate bunch of has-beens trying to convince people they're still relevant.

    Votes: 54 38.0%
  • The money's run out and the mob's coming to collect their fingers.

    Votes: 14 9.9%
  • They're trying to get younger pussy.

    Votes: 11 7.7%
  • Holy shit, they're still alive?

    Votes: 50 35.2%

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A Useless Fish

A Fish with literally no value, whatsoever.
Hey everybody, remember these guys?

God knows I didn't until five minutes ago.

Article Link:

Green Day Wrote a Graphic Novel About “True Rebel Girls”

Green Day have announced a new graphic novel based on “Last of the American Girls” from their 2009 album 21st Century Breakdown. Fans will recall the song tells the story of a bike-riding, hunger-striking character named Gloria who dons makeup “like graffiti on the walls of the heartland.” A production description says the book celebrates “true rebel girls—girls who push back, girls who use their voice, girls who say no.” The band partnered with cartoonist Frank Caruso for the illustrations.

Green Day released their latest album Revolution Radio in 2016. That same year, they were reported to be working on a film adaptation of their album and subsequent stage musical American Idiot for HBO. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s newest band The Longshot released their debut album Love Is For Losers last April.

Direct Link:

A rallying cry for all rebel girls: from Green Day and co-authored and illustrated by artist Frank Caruso comes a timely, inspiring illustrated rendition of the Grammy winning band’s classic hit “Last of the American Girls”—the song Rolling Stone called “a fabulous left-wing love song to a rebel girl . . . when Armstrong sings, ‘she won’t cooperate,’ he’s giving her the highest compliment he can imagine.”

One of the most important and influential artists of their generation, the high-energy rock band Green Day has continued to inspire millions of fans worldwide with their music, political views, and iconoclastic conviction. Now, they transform their Billboard hit “Last of the American Girls” into a full-color illustrated book of the song's lyrics.
She’s a runaway of the establishment incorporated
She won’t cooperate
She will come in first
For the end of western civilization
She’s a natural disaster
She’s the last of the American girls

Since they exploded in the culture in 1994, Green Day has continued to surprise and energize its fans through the evolution of its music, songwriting, and artistic ambition. The band has long been ahead of its time, and “Last of the American Girls” is a testament to their vision. Released in 2010, the song about a spirited nonconformist young woman named Gloria embodies today’s cultural zeitgeist and is a salute and tribute to female empowerment and individuality. Celebrating true rebel girls—girls who push back, girls who use their voice, girls who say no—Last of the American Girls takes on both the establishment and the upwardly mobile, espousing an infectious spirit that has never been more relevant.

But not everyone seems to be cool with this totally not pathetic attempt by a bunch of millionaires pushing fifty trying to jump on the woke bus and get thos sweet, sweet asspats and $$$s!

Direct Link:

What makes Green Day think four men are the perfect authors for a book about female empowerment?

The three washed-up male punks and cartoonist Frank Caruso have struck a bum note in trying to celebrate the rebellious woman

Greta Thunberg, Emma González, Amandla Stenberg? Step aside, dilettantes. The new voice of female activism is here, and she is a “natural disaster”, a “hurricane in the heart of the devastation”, “a runaway of the establishment incorporated”. She is also fictional, dreamed up by four men: punk band Green Day and cartoonist Frank Caruso.

Caruso has adapted Green Day’s 2009 song, Last of the American Girls, into a graphic novel of the same name, billed as “an inspiring homage [to] and handbook for the rebellious – every woman who refuses to capitulate”. Shall we play Feminist Press Release Bingo? It’s a “rallying cry for rebel girls”, a tribute to “female empowerment”. This “infectious spirit” has, of course, “never been more relevant”.

You can’t help but wonder if Green Day thought this through. Surely no self-respecting rebellious woman would buy a book about “female empowerment” by three washed-up punks. If only songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong could portray women as anything other than a random assembly of rabble-rousing tropes, including wearing makeup that looks “like graffiti on the walls of the heartland”, digging conspiracy theories and owning vinyl.

Armstrong’s manic punky dream girl is the nadir of publishing’s obsession with rebellious women. As the trend has proliferated, so the sharp edges of the women whose lives they document have been sanded down into vaguely aspirational #girlboss dross. It is also the nadir of Armstrong’s songwriting. Green Day’s early work was surprisingly progressive, and rarely – especially for US pop-punk – overtly misogynist. But in recent years, fetishising, contemptuous and paternalistic language has soiled Armstrong’s lyrics: irresistible women tease him with their devilish ways; the titular figure from 2012’s Drama Queen is “old enough to bleed now”, and the video to that year’s Oh Love is inexplicably filled with barely clothed models.

The irrelevance of punk’s old lags is well established: Rock’s Not Dead, It’s Ruled By Women, declared the New York Times two years ago. Rather than glom on to that wave with a cash-in book, Green Day would do better to cede the floor.

The Cover!



Sleep is for people who run out of Cocaine
Something, something, don't want to be an American idiot, something, something.

Block Me
Didn't Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance pull this exact shit?
...but this was back when he had a career and wasn't some thinly veiled political commentary?

Imagine being a shitty ripoff of MCR. Might as well just kill themselves now.
He's writing Umbrella Academy for Netflix right now, which is getting pretty good reviews and isn't #woke because it's not trying to cash in on a political fad.


Is it Morning Yet?
Who wanted this?



It's not about what people want from their entertainment figures, it's about what they NEED TO ACCEPT!

(Which just happens to line up with what will make the twats peddling progressiveness rich, but that's just their reward for getting to the right side of history first)

I would greatly appreciate it if things and people I enjoyed in the 90’s would stop making me question why I enjoyed them 20 years later.

Fuck me, I’m old....
Chin up there, yungun, that's not a bug, that's a feature! When you grow up, you get to laugh at the sad little pop-culture hasbeens, both fan and performer, who were sure, absolutely sure, that their idol-worshiper dynamic would be vindicated and wouldn't just fade away into desperate grasps for scraps of relevance and too-tight T-shirts that no longer fit in a decade. Just like the old fogeys said it would. This time it's DIFFERENT, this was a cultural REVOLUTION! Go all in! Success comes to those who buck society! Tune in and drop out! Your parents and teachers will mock you, say you're making a mistake, but what do THEY know, really? They're dinosaurs, YOU are the future!

We're going to rock FOREVER! They said.

You'll look silly if you're still doing this at 40. We said.

Who looks more right today? Every popular "voice of the one true rebel generation" band becomes a laughingstock if they don't retire before they turn 40. Always back that horse, and if you get to live a long life, you have the extra benefit of watching it repeat several times to arrogant little punks who think they invented "Fight the Power!" Only to be proven oh so ironically wrong when they're fat and balding and still trying to convince everyone they're hip! They can't see the wall coming, but you can, you've been here before, they haven't.

So, sit back and encourage them to go faster and hit it harder than the last group. See if they can splay the wreckage out in a bigger radius when they crash. Try it, it's fun!
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