Lolcow Gregory Raymond Buell / Greg Buell / Greg Lovestar / Greg Windcar Buell + Much More - Inventor of Electric Windmill Car, Observed by CIA, Wishes to Cure Cancer With Harem of Dr. Wives

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went to the amazon page of his latest book. clicked on the back cover to read the summary. found this instead:


fyi: his youtube is mostly of random footage from around town and he is not very verbose. most of what he says is jibberish.

also, it seems that he's fixed his teeth recently:


he's a hero and will be my next avatar. dibs.

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This *is* my scary Halloween userpic
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Old-school kooks like this are a dying breed. Good find!

That said, schizophrenia's a bitch. The age of onset is often in the late teens or early 20s (during the developmental period when the brain is rearranging itself). So he may not have been afflicted with it yet when he married his ex-wife at age 17, but he would have been 20 when his younger daughter was born in December 1967, and by 1971 (age 24) he'd apparently gone full-blown and left his family behind.


What'll it be, boys?
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I skimmed through some of his 2009 ramblings, during which he had a lot to say about John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, and George W. Bush.

Also, he graced us with this piece of digital artwork. Very powerful.


It might not make much sense until you notice Blue Mountain Arts, Inc. and Jay Leno. Then you realize, it still doesn't make sense.

The Un-Clit

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Ah yes, a classic lolcow. No left vs right politics, no degeneracy. Just pure and simple oddity to laugh at.

Feels good.

It's a crying shame that Gene Ray (The world's wisest human and inventor of the Timecube theory, dontchya know!) has passed on, because a deathmatch of intellect livestream between these two would have torn the Internet itself apart.

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