Greta Gustava Martela / Kjel Anderson & Nina/Niraj Chaubal - Stole $350k+ from Trans Lifeline, kill count of 2+ from negligence, Founders of Sisterwood/La Zorra.

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If you really had to who would you sex?

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Update: 23/11/2016 A frequent trans lifeline caller kills themself

@Field Marshal Crappenberg 's excellent documentation of everything uncovered so far:

Greta Gustava is a transgendered scam artist who runs a 501(c)(3) charity which has no use to anyone.

This page was made private to hide their abysmal coverage. for live coverage of their phone service.



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CloudFlare received an abuse report regarding:

Below is the report we received:

Reporter's Name: Greta Martela
Reporter's Email Address:
Reporter's Title: Executive Director
Reporter's Company Name: Trans Lifeline
Reporter's Telephone Number: 4159366312
Reporter's Address: US
Reported URLs:
Logs or Evidence of Abuse: I don't have any logs.
Comments: This site exists to aid in the stalking and harassment of transgender women. There are incidences of the members of this site trying to drive the subjects to suicide. There has been illegal activity such and the planning of doxxing operations.

We have provided the name of your hosting provider to the reporter. Additionally, we have forwarded this report to your hosting provider as well.


CloudFlare Abuse
2443 Fillmore St 380-9468,
94115 San Francisco


417419_4132638048421_1569863270_n.jpg 63816_1524244240206_3268826_n.jpg Mr Anderson.jpg Mr Anderson - 2.jpg 1655855_10204296937977744_7690041458113716445_n.jpg

“For years before I transitioned I played computer role playing games with female characters. One game in particular, Icewind Dale, allowed me to create six female characters that would work together. The game is set in a quasi-Scandanavian setting and my family on my father’s side is from Finland. I gave all of my characters appropriate names for Scandinavia: Dagmar, Marta, Tuulikki. I knew that there was a name that I used in one of my many saved games that would be perfect for me. I eventually found the saved file and opened it up in a text editor to find the missing name. GRETA!

For hundreds of years my families gave the name Gustav to all of the male children. My grandfather was the first to break with tradition, giving my father the middle name Herbert, his first name. When my son was born, I revived the tradition, giving him the middle name Gustav. When choosing my middle name, I went with Gustava, the feminine form of Gustav, the middle name I felt that I should have had.

My grandfather passed down folklore about our surname. The story goes that during one of the many times that Sweden was occupying the area that is now Finland, many Finnish families changed their last names to be more Swedish. My grandfather told us that the families ‘real’ surname was Martela, which meant ‘of the forest.’

Before deciding to adopt this surname I did a Google search on Greta Martela. The only hit I got was on an immigration record from the late 1800s of a Finnish woman emigrating to the United States. That sealed the deal for me.”

—Greta Martela

"wife" and co owner of paid "lifeline" service


So... thread worthy or no?

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here @Null explains that maybe mr. anderson might want to focus on the phoneline that seems to be in dire need of $$$





Kicked out of translifeline:

UPDATE 21/02/19: Greta and Nina was found to have stolen more than $350k from Trans Lifeline, check this document or this post for info.
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Greta, a 40 year old man in a dress running a failure of an organization, is taking a page from Phil's playbook and sperging about knives and being super badass.

When the hill you're going to die on is Richard Jones, a shit-loving pedophile who tried to get underage girls drunk to fuck them, and Phillip Haskins-Delici, a white man pretending to be a pretty latina woman who punched his own disabled mother in the face and shit on a holocaust memorial, you deserve everything that comes to you.

edit: I guess Greta has a lot in common with those two, because I forgot his wife is 22 years younger than him. He's into young, vulnerable people he can groom which isn't creepy at all.

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well if you're under the belief ''the cis'' or whatever group of people have called you a faggot in life are out to get you ,actually buying a weapon to defend yourself isn't the dumbest shit i've seen trannies do to supposedly thwart their evildoers.

Small knives are absolute shit weapons for personal defense. Especially folding ones. No attacker will ever give you the opportunity to draw it, and even if you do use it you have to get pretty close to them. Unless you're a bona fide Marine-Trained Teen then you're never gonna get much out of a knife. You're better off with pepper-spray or even a whistle.

I've met some knifefags who talked about how they tie their knives to the end of a string. So they can twirl it around in what is one of the most dangerous displays of autistic self-defense I've ever heard of.