Greta Gustava Martela / Kjel Anderson & Nina/Niraj Chaubal - Stole $350k+ from Trans Lifeline, kill count of 2+ from negligence, Founders of Sisterwood/La Zorra.

If you really had to who would you sex?

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In Modesto CA in 1988, when Kjel was still a teenager, he was in a band with a woman named Marian Jennifer Holloway. Kjel got Marian pregnant, married her in Carson City NV in April, and Marian gave birth to their daughter in October.

Below in the spoiler are some screenshots about this from a fascinating 2011 documentary about Marian's life:
View attachment 145686 View attachment 145687 View attachment 145688 View attachment 145689 View attachment 145690 View attachment 145691 View attachment 145692 View attachment 145693 View attachment 145694 View attachment 145695 View attachment 145696 View attachment 145697 View attachment 145698 View attachment 145699 View attachment 145700 View attachment 145701 View attachment 145702 View attachment 145703 View attachment 145704 View attachment 145705 View attachment 145706 View attachment 145709 View attachment 145710 View attachment 145711 View attachment 145712 View attachment 145713 View attachment 145715 View attachment 145718 View attachment 145719 View attachment 145720 View attachment 145723 View attachment 145724 View attachment 145725 View attachment 145726 View attachment 145728 View attachment 145729 View attachment 145730 View attachment 145731 View attachment 145732 View attachment 145733 View attachment 145734 View attachment 145735 View attachment 145736 View attachment 145737 View attachment 145738 View attachment 145740 View attachment 145741 View attachment 145742 View attachment 145743 View attachment 145744 View attachment 145745 View attachment 145746 View attachment 145747 View attachment 145748 View attachment 145749 View attachment 145750 View attachment 145752 View attachment 145755 View attachment 145756 View attachment 145757 View attachment 145760 View attachment 145762 View attachment 145763 View attachment 145764 View attachment 145765 View attachment 145766 View attachment 145767 View attachment 145768

In short, the marriage didn't work, Kjel's parents adopted and raised the girl, and Kjel went off to the military. Marian went on to be a punk rock singer of some renown in a band called the "Insaints", while also doing sex work. She died in LA of a heroin overdose in 2001 at the age of 33.

Marian's friend "Fate Fatale" mentioned Kjel and Marian's relationship in a small memorial page written after Marian's death:

Around 19 years old, she met and married her second love Kal. With that relationship, came the most important love of her life. Her daughter, Hannah Lolly Anderson. This was Marian's joy and happiness. As Kal and Marian's relationship dwindled, the love for her daughter grew because Hannah gave her love in the purest form.

Kal eventually went into the army and their relationship was nearing to it's end. Marian was alone and she knew honestly that she would not be able to take care of her daughter. The hardest decision that Marian would have to had made was the right decision for her. Against everyone's demands, she put Hannah up for adoption. For a mother to give up her child for a better place has to be one of the most difficult yet beautiful things anyone could have done.

Here is a video of Kjel and Marian's band "5 Fingers" doing a cover of The Beatles' "Get Back" at a college in Modesto (Kjel is on bass):

There's also a documentary entitled "Sadobabies" that features Marian during some of her time as a runaway in San Francisco. Marian often alleged that her biological father abused and raped her as a child.

Kjel has two sisters (one older, one younger) and an older brother. His dad just turned 78 and his mom is 74. Here is a juxtaposition of recent photos of his older sister and of Kjel:
View attachment 145779

Last note: The business Kjel's husband established that purportedly provided the software for Translifeline? It was "involuntarily dissolved" by the state of Illinois last month.
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wow...holy crap, you needed to spoil that photo with the caption not compatible with a full stomach.

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You know, instead of wasting further breath explaining why this is wrong for the umpteenth time, I'm just going to start pointing out people's logical fallacies.

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In a sense, but by their very nature, oversimplified parodies quite often are. However, my underlying point, that open discussion and study of the causes of the "disorder," be they cultural, environmental, and/or biological, are stymied for the sake of the fee fees of a histrionic portion of its sufferers, still stands.


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It's hilarious to watch when people talk about why, for this ONE PARTICULAR THING, all analogies are really foolish and stupid, you're not allowed to make analogies or parody it because they're not exactly the same as the thing you're analogizing to.

In my experience, people only do this when they're defending the indefensible -- when all analogies make it clear you're doing something reprehensible or ugly, the only way to maintain a point of view is to shove your fingers in your ears and demand to never hear anyone make an analogy.

It's why I thought it was hilarious when the same leftists who got so angry at Trump's "Skittles" analogy were literally using the same analogy themselves a few months before about dating and rapists. But of course, when it's something they don't like, analogies are all terrible and wrong and people aren't skittles!!!!!!11 Better to say that than to admit something like "ok, yeah, some of these immigrants could be really fucked up terrorists and maybe I wouldn't eat any of those skittles" or "it is just as offensive for someone to claim they need access to things set aside for women while being male as it would be for someone to claim they were black to get a scholarship for black students."

If you think your point of view is so sui generis that it's positively without analogue in all of human existence, odds are, you're either totally crazy or trying to avoid the cognitive dissonance that would be caused by actually listening to someone who disagrees with you and is trying to communicate with you about why.

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You know, instead of wasting further breath explaining why this is wrong for the umpteenth time, I'm just going to start pointing out people's logical fallacies.

Yours is a Strawman
It's not a very good analogy. It's just funny, though. :)

I think the part that rings true is the "courage port," the pandering to the unreasonable. Not so much that tran.s is like a nail in the foot.


Tommy Tooter calls the Trans Lifeline. He's pissed at Nina for blowing him and one of his exceptional friends off. Nina was digging for screencaps because he's a moron and talked to Tommy. Tommy decided to take a bunch of pills, get drunk and talk to the cops for 10 minutes in this video while talking to Nina and Nina dropped him. Tommy decided to make a video testing the Trans Lifeline for his people.

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Why do articles from what are supposed to be legitimate journalistic sites marketing this joke of an LGBT helpline as something great?
Because of the concept, not how it is executed. The concept is fine and it fits with the greater degree of acceptance transgender people have achieved in the past decade. There is nothing wrong with that, either. The problem with this line, as is the problem with a lot of other causes in other movements, is that a cause does not receive the degree of scrutiny it should get because people on the inside feel it is "theirs" and that people from the outside who attack it are doing so to hurt "them". So with a lack of scrutiny, they get lazy in how they administer the business. Eventually, those running the cause find small holes where they can benefit themselves. They aren't being watched by their community, their community actively protects them from being called out, so the problem gets worse. And worse. And eventually you have this. A charity where the owners enjoy prestige and take in a great deal of cash. I don't think Greta and Nina intended to do the things they do now, but I don't think they had the moral compass to prevent it, either. Running a non-profit is difficult on multiple levels, they're just too weak and stupid to prevent this all, and that's okay. What is not okay is to continue once it is abundantly clear you are too weak and stupid.

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