Greta Gustava Martela / Kjel Anderson & Nina/Niraj Chaubal - Stole $350k+ from Trans Lifeline, kill count of 2+ from negligence, Founders of Sisterwood/La Zorra.

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Quid 06

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Mar 20, 2019
Kjel and Niraj are some seriously, seriously slimy fucks.
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In their final year at TTL, Greta's reign at TLL took in over $1.13mil and had total assets of $277k, an increase of just over $25k from 2016.
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Kjel and Niraj both brought in about $54,895 and $55,955, respectively, wish some additional compensation.
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tl;dr: There is $353k that didn't go towards helping transgender people who were suicidal and went towards things that these disgusting people wanted to buy themselves.

This is the transgender community. They excuse this trash.
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