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Greta Martela / Greta Gustav / Kjel Anderson & Nina/Niraj ChaubalScammer(s) with a kill count of 2+. Formerly of Trans Lifeline, Founders of Sisterwood/La Zorra.

Discussion in 'La Zorra' started by CatParty, Aug 9, 2016.

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  1. Playing catch up with this thread and everything is going as predicted. All drive seems to have left Greta after being overthrown as TLL's head, with all those plans for Sisterwood now being dust on the wind (appropriate, given that's exactly what Sisterwood is right now in a literal sense).

    Both of them seem to be clinging onto their 'Compound in the sand' for now, but without TLL to siphon funds from, they're losing money on gas simply driving out to the damn place. And I don't think even those two are dumb enough to lose money on a pit with a metal box sunk into it if it comes between that and their continued survival for things like food. Of course, it's a worthless piece of land - the only reason they even were able to buy it so cheaply in the first place. If even the troonsquad doesn't want it, who will buy the land back? My money is on them ultimately giving up and abandoning the land for good, leaving it to the state or whoever abandoned land goes to, while the gruesome twosome fuck off to California or Oregon. I hear there's a sentient potato in Portland who would just love to meet his idols and let them stay at his map-encrusted shithole for a few...forevers.

    If that image is recent, then unfortunately it seems the gruesome twosome are still living out of that guest house they were in before Troontown ever got to the groundbreaking phase.

    Which leaves me to believe that unless they get kicked out, there isn't a chance in hell they're going to up and die in the desert. They'll just abandon Sisterwood and its shipping container while living off of charity from the few people who still even respect them.

    As much as they hate Null because of this thread, he's small potatoes to them at this point. The TLL board is at the top of the "people I want to kill" list now because somehow, getting overthrown from that organization absolutely blindsided them after the whole green card debacle.

    This was not a Farms victory in the sense that contributing to Nick Bate getting his nasty ass thrown in prison most certainly was a victory. What happened with Greta and Nina was karmic backlash for being frivolous and irresponsible with organization money to the point it's almost like a deranged version of Arrested Development, except instead of a bunch of dysfunctional people living out of a showroom house, it's two (three?) tranny douchebags with a shipping container in the middle of the fucking desert, their old as fuck RV, and the chairty of one of the few people still talking to them by letting them stay at the guest house.

    Kind of ironic that they ended up in the middle of the fucking desert.
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    Optimus Prime

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  2. So does anyone know how these two faggots are supporting themselves right now? Do you think Kjel has it in him to dream up another grand schemescam like TLL?
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    heathercho Megalodon of Mudsharks

  3. Fish farming, apparently. And, yes, it can be done in the desert. But it would take quite a lot of infrastructure, I would think.

    fish2.PNG fish3.PNG

    Also, Greta does some virtue signaling over the Starbucks Philly "incident". And, no, Greta, I'm NOT going to read an article from The Root that misstates what happened in the first sentences. They weren't sitting there"minding their own business and got arrested", they were asked to leave after not buying anything, refused multiple times when asked to leave by the cops, then got arrested. No evidence that this was "racially biased". Seems like it is a consistent Starbucks policy, whether one likes it or not, and not just a couple guys getting singled out for skin color. Philly baristas must deal with ALL kinds of people every day, and I doubt that any of them would get away with kicking out blacks on basis of skin color. Shit like this turns people skeptical of ACTUAL racial incidents. Fucking exceptional...

    UPDATE: Starbucks manager was apparently fired, so it is possible that they handled the situation poorly. However, I have still seen no evidence that it was racially based.


    Ironically, several hours earlier, Greta had kicked a Black woman out of a thread about sex workers. Why are you racist, Greta? Clearly you kicked her out because of her SKIN COLOR, not because she had differing opinions about a topic. See how this works, when you play the Oppression Olympics?

    I support legalization of prostitution, but I also don't view it as some great "family-saver". And this Annika Rasmussen is clearly more abusive in her language to the Black woman... so Greta "no platforms" the POC instead of her psycho whitey friend so they can keep the thread a "safe space".

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    #11803 Von Wolf Demon, Apr 16, 2018
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    Von Wolf Demon

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  4. It's not the kind of thing you'd attempt on a large scale unless you'd been doing it as a hobby successfully for quite a while. A lot can, and does, go wrong.
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  5. Building fish farms out of clouds. He might as well announce he's gonna be building stadiums, for all the likelihood of it happening.
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    Karl_der_Grosse Gimp/Gerp/Gumpself

  6. the term "basic income" or "universal income" or the "basic universal income" is semi-infuriating. troons are all about the sechs werkerz because that's mostly what they're snagging. Conjecture, I know.
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  7. Sex workers do not save marriages. They fuck people for money. If a guy cheats on his wife and somehow that cheating opens up a way of communication so the wife and husband work through some issues... great. But don’t give credit to the woman who opened her mouth and legs when he opened his wallet.

    In regards to the Starbucks thing... it’s not racist to ask black people to leave your store when your store has a clear “paying customers only” policy. Calling the police on black people is not racist when they’re causing a disturbance in a place of business and refusing to leave. Had the manager said “get ya n-word asses out of here. We don’t serve your kind here”... then yes. That’s racist. But that’s not what happened at all.

    And doesn’t an aqualponics require a shitton of water?? Where ya getting this water in the middle of a desert Greta?
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    4Macie The Cow Dullahan

  8. Nah, I think it's because that's often what they are - low-grade camwhoring and e-begging for the ones still living under their parents' roofs, and the street prostitution of desperation for the ones kicked out.
    From what I gather, if you socialize a lot with the trans community online, you'll inevitably end up with a Tumblr half-full of people on the sex-work continuum, even if you're not An Lolcow yourself.
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    Kosher Dill

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  9. Sounds about as well thought out as the Sisterwood concept. I wonder if this is going to be the pattern from now on, with Greta limping from one hare-brained scheme to the next.
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    Tragi-Chan Godmaster Reverend
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  10. It's the sitcom we've all been waiting for!
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  11. Given that they started TLL on a whim and that their plan prior to that was going to Norway/Sweden/Switzerland (I can't recall which it was, only that they hadn't looked into it enough to find out that Greta would not have been able to retire early and get a pension from the state) and working a couple of years before Greta retired, I expect so.
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  12. And that fits right into Greta and Nina's wheelhouse...

    Just realized something else about that "sex worker" debate...

    Greta commits TWO cardinal sins against the SJW ideology.

    1. Talking over a black woman. HUGE no-no in the hardline SJW world. A black SJW (think Ijeoma Oluo, Didi Delgado, etc.) more hostile than Melani would handle this by calling for her white allies to dogpile and "come collect your friend". But she was banned too quickly to do that.

    2. Negating "muh learned experience". How many times have we seen SJWs overrule PhDs, Nobel laureates in genetics and biology, and science itself because of "muh lived experience"? Think of Zinnia Jones (high school dropout who makes anal dildo porn) and how she talks down to leading experts in gender and biology.

    In this case, we have a black woman who, judging by her emotions around the sex worker topic, has experienced what is like to catch your man messing around with da hoors. Call it a hunch. Instead of them accepting her "lived experience", she gets talked down to by an ogreish man in a dress and an angry cis woman (I think). Greta has no experience as a sex worker (who would pay for THAT?) nor has Greta likely ever had a man cheat on them with a prostitute. And based on her response, I doubt that Angry Annika has experienced either scenario herself. Nor is either one of them a sociologist or similar expert on prostitution.

    ETA: Melani also seems like an attractive and relatively chill Jamaican woman married to a white man with mixed children and an apparently happy family life... no wonder Greta got so pissed at her! Jealousy is a bitch...

    Classic "Animal Farm" stuff.

    "Muh lived experience" trumps everything...until it doesn't. Who run
    Sisterwood? Greta run Sisterwood.

    Greta seems to be trying to make a comeback, and may not be willing to play by the rules of SJW orthodoxy as she has now been tossed from the sled by the SJW hivemind.

    Scratch the surface of an angry trender... and oftentimes you find an MRA/MGTOW/incel underneath.

    Is Greta heading into Russell Greer territory? She is equally quick with the banhammer.
    And we all know how HE feels about "muh sechs wirkers"...
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    Von Wolf Demon

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  13. It bears repeating:
    Greta has never been about anything but the betterment of Greta.
    She's lost her meal ticket with SJW's. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to have her try and weasel into some other radical movement with her next grift, but I'm skeptical about her chances of success.

    There's a hard rule in running a con that you have to know when it's time to pack up and run. Getting caught while still actively in it is very hard to brush under the rug. People talk, you get a reputation as a scammer, and it doesn't go away easily. If Nina and Greta had cut and run, say, a year ago, TLL would only now be finding out about it, and it wouldn't garner as much attention as it has. It'd be some "oh, that's shitty" thing that they'd probably keep quiet about so as not to create bad press. Greta and Nina would never be welcome back, but they could move on to other scams without being blown up like this.
    As it stands, they got greedy. They wanted to ride it too long, got complacent and sloppy, and now they're fucked regardless of which way they head with their new facade.
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  14. Please Bitcoin! PLEASE it'll be so good.
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    Cryin RN

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  15. I don't think they're totally fucked. They'll never get to TLL level again, but the online troon community is full of reprehensible people. I can see Kjel setting up some little fiefdom filled with the bottom barrel troons or saps from another left wing fringe group. There are enough apologists in the troon community that I think he and Pajeet could probably leech off of it and be fine, relatively, if they wanted to. I don't think he wants to do that though.
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    break these cuffs

    break these cuffs Heemeyer did nothing wrong

  16. She's helped trannies in Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook!
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  17. If that's the case, I think it'll at least be amusing. There are some troons who'll stick by Greta, but I don't think they'll be the majority. Or even a particularly big chunk. I'd say... 10%? Tops?

    Greta apologists will be assholes in the troon community. Sounds like it has the potential for laughs.

    We'll see occasional tumblr slapfights like this: "greta did nothing wrong!" "no way, greta stole from trans people" "that was a kf lie, the finances were just hard to manage, it was an accident!" "no one wastes thousands of dollars like that, putting trans lives in danger" "ur just a kiwifarms plant!" etc
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    Christorical Figure True & Honest Fan

  18. Recommend we replace "No true scotsman" with "no true transwoman"
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    Ghostse Former Waffle SS

  19. I like how we're basically the Russians in this situation.
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  20. upload_2018-4-21_16-22-3.png

    This type of response goes on with various people for a while


    Then we get to


    whose tweet has received no acknowledgement so far.
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