'Grime should embrace transgenderism' - The terrible music, not actual dirt, Phil, Chris et al show that's already happened


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Rapper Nate Ethan Watson is nine months into his transition from female to male. He tells Victoria Derbyshire he believes he is the UK's first transgender grime artist, but struggles to believe there are no others.
"Grime should be ready to embrace trans," he says. "It's been long overdue for everybody, not just in grime, to accept people like me."
Previously known as N'Chyx, the rapper and lyricist has spent a decade in the industry and performed with the likes of D Double E and Tim Westwood.
He says: "I now identify as a heterosexual male. I feel so much more comfortable compared with before when I was called a lesbian by people."
Nate is noted as one of only a few LGBT performers in grime, but he says currently he is the only transgender artist in the genre.
"I remember being told to 'hold back your manly mannerism' and when performing 'not perform too much like a man'".
Nate with Dappy
Image captionNate, pictured with Dappy, says he does not mind if he experiences a backlash
Historically, there has been low representation of LGBT and transgender artists in mainstream grime.
"I think there are a lot of grime artists who identify as LGBT but keep their sexuality hidden. I struggle to believe I am the only trans rapper in grime."
Nate says he stands out in an industry often associated with prejudice towards people who are different. Last year, grime star Stormzy was forced to apologiseafter homophobic tweets he had written when he was younger emerged.
In a statement, Stormzy said the comments he made were "unacceptable and disgusting, full stop... these are attitudes I've left in the past."
Nate, 34, from Wolverhampton, who is still undergoing treatment, says he is expecting a backlash for coming out.
"I am even worried that some artists won't want to work with me because of my transition. But I am quite confident in who I am. So I don't really mind."
Gender dysphoria
Nate before he transitioned
Image captionNate is nine months into his transition
Nate says he has identified as male since the age of four, telling his friends in the playground that he was a boy.
"I always told people I was a boy without genitals. I was six or seven when I was labelled a lesbian in the playground. But I did not know what that was."
Growing up, he would be abused on the street as he was known as a lesbian in school, despite not viewing himself as such.
Nate says he would often get into fights as he also battled with his appearance.
"This affected my mental health and led to challenging behaviour as I felt I couldn't tell my friends or family about my gender," he says.
"I struggled with gender dysphoria which caused problems in my relationships. But it wasn't until I was 27 that I started researching the condition and realised it was normal for me to experience the feelings I was going through."
He remembers his first appointment with a doctor who told him it was, "OK to be a happy lesbian". He eventually changed doctors and was referred for psychological assessment.
"I have been waiting for three years to have my first consultation and have started treatment privately and I'm now nine months into my transition," he says.
Nate now
Image captionNate says his family has been very supportive'Suicidal thoughts'
Nate says he had felt embarrassed about speaking to his family about wanting to be a boy and he was worried about how they would react.
"But they were really supportive. It wasn't a surprise for them at all. It's so emotional how much people have supported me.
"I feel like I have had a lot of support. I am building a bridge to bring people together. I refuse to be labelled. I want to cross boundaries."
Nate says he strongly believes LGBT lessons should be taught in schools but that it needs to be done properly, with parents involved in the process. He says it would have stopped him from feeling isolated during his childhood and teenage years.
"If someone had told me I am not the only one with the feelings I was going through I probably wouldn't have had all the suicidal thoughts that I had all my life," he says.
"My only regret is not having access to information I found on the internet when I was younger."
Let's make an already shit form of music even worse.

not william stenchever

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To be fair I give them the benefit because Heather Alexander isn't a loud obnoxious asshole and just want to make the music they like to make without drawing attention to themselves for their troonishness, unlike the subject of this article. Heather Alexander A more amenable transexual, from a more civilized age.

Also I really quite love March of Cambreadth.


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Oh damn, really? If the troons got to grime I don't know what else is safe.
I mean, I know it's Britain were talking about, but still - this is really unexpected.
I guess I should clarify, there's a very combative masculine energy to grime music and if I had to pick a potential target for infiltration by activists grime would be the last one on my list, by far.

Edit - after reading some of the comments here I'm paying more attention to the article and I see that this isn't infiltration so much as it's happenstance.
And yet, do we really need to go around putting names and labels on everything?
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I don't know what 'grime' music is but troons can keep it.

Meanwhile, here's some actual good music made in the 90's by a trans woman and her band.
Actually, this was made by a trans man before he transitioned. He goes by Alexander James Adams now, and he passes pretty damn well if I do say so myself.

(Sorry, just felt the need to say something)

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It's lovely to be here, thank you for having me
hit-or-miss (but generally decent enough) britbong rapping which utterly eclipsed the minor british hip-hop scene a couple decades ago
the grime scene isnt really very welcoming to trannies though, there are entire diss tracks for them. like this hilarious ditty
that is fantastic
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I should just buy a bottle of whiskey already. Have a shot every time there's another "first" like the modern world is a fucking YouTube comments section.

I'll never be sober again.
Asspats and news stories are still given out to women for being the first in things like; "The first woman to be chosen as the second successive female CEO of a company that previously hasn't had a woman CEO, execept for the one before her."

When you consider the narrative that you're supposed to applaud anytime anyone other than a cis, white male does anything for the first time, no matter how derivative or trite, the combinations are endless and we'll still be hearing about them in the year 2100. It's like every gender and race is a toddler who needs approval and encouragement because they put their shirt on right side out for the first time.

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