GrimTheFangKing / Violent Grim Omega/ AzelusGrimsight - Incel Debater, Infamous Pathological Liar, Wants to Consume all of Knowledge, A Slave to Drama , and Shitty Content Creator.

Dec 9, 2020
Full Evidence here:

GrimTheFangking (New Name: Violent Grim Omega) is a manipulative content creator, mentally ill man, and a father neglecter. This also includes doxing children, faking screenshots, taking away context of actual screenshots and spreading lies against his "haters" and/or people he deems a "threat" to his reputation


One of the most important reasons this is a problem is due to the fact that GrimTheFangKing has been continuing this behavior for the last two years straight after Scarpe Ars deliberately exposed him for his lying behavior(important detail later on)

Grim has made efforts in the past at attacking people's mental health to the point where a incident has occured...Speaking of:

Fabricating Evidence:

In the past(two years ago actually), GrimTheFangKing has been exposed for lying on multiple occasions.

Two years later, he hasn’t learned a damn thing and is still continuing his malicious behavior. Its quite clear at this point that he’s either miserable and wants to make others miserable or he’s simply addicted to doing this.


I would like to note that its very easy to create a fake account of someone on discord. This has been a thing since Day One of Discord. Now in Grim’s ClickBaity Video “Catching a Predator and Friends” Grim stated that Labs “planned” to go after Grim for Months even though the type of content Labs was making says otherwise. In other words, Grim lied about Labs planning to attack him.

Capo Stream (Evidence)

Grim Stream (Evidence)

Quite confusing that you claim Labs has been “planning to attack you for months” when we have evidence a week before the drama started of your colleagues saying otherwise. “This man started on the 3rd Movie’s script before finishing the First so it is going to be a 1/10.” Holy shit you got mental problems. You can’t even lie/frame properly without leaving traces of shitty gay ops you’re prepping up.

After looking at this, we can see why Grim targets people specifically for their reputation. . He knows that damaging one's reputation with fabricated evidence is the easiest way to make one vulnerable. This enables him and even his friends if he feels up to asking them, to perform a total attack on what's left of their well being.

A very important fact to consider is that GrimTheFangKing doesn't care how old, or how young you are. He will do as much damage as he feels he needs to in order to have full control over someone, or even flat out make them end their lives. To him, so long as there is one less “problem” causing him unrest, he’ll gladly attack them, even over tiny things as disliking his youtube channel (Which is one of the reasons he starts such disgusting attacks on people to begin with).

XD, One of the guys in the Guru Family Clan sent me.
In case you didn’t know, Grim used to be an associate of a group called the “League of Blackness” or whatever. This group did illegal stunts that included forging official documents. What confidence. RIP Grim Credibility 2018-2021.

Targeting Mental Health to inflict damage:

For a bunch of guys who said they experienced depression and etc in the past. You sure like to target people emotional/mental health and promote suicide. It's no secret that him and his group are more than fine with this because people close to him don’t call him out on it.




I'm lost for words, I guess we can all agree that they lied about experiencing depression themselves. If they did, they wouldn't be doing all of this over youtube. Not to mention these people are grown adults. Embarrassing.

Racist Followers & Harassment.

There are no words needed to explain this post.

The only information you need to know otherwise is that GrimTheFangking has an entire section in his group dedicated to harassing people for having “Different Opinions”, where he and his followers go out of their way to target said individuals. I'm not going to bother wasting time screenshotting hundreds of tweets, it's already quite clear that these guys sit on twitter all day every day starting beef with people. You can go check their social media yourself to see that they start beef with individuals for no reason.




Caught in the act:

This is what I feel may be the last bit of evidence needed. Watch his stream chat to see just how easily he has incriminated himself.


As you can see here, these guys literally created a whole fake account of me and sat there for 30mins-1hr arguing with themselves. This literally confirms Frigo theory that the entire time throughout these last 6 months, GrimTheFangking and his goonies have been creating accounts of themselves, others and etc to attack themselves to paint the blame on Labs knowing will cause more drama and unrest. Holy shit, I'm lost for words.

Here’s screenshots of them openly admitting to creating false accounts.






As you see, these guys openly admitted multiple times to creating fake accounts including accounts of themselves, playstation labs and etc to cause more drama and unrest. I'm sure excuses and downplays will be made from them but we have everything to counter that. Let's not ignore the fact LordPopo IS IN HIS 30S and he’s enabling/promoting this type of behavior. That’s just sad man. You got mental issues or something.

The Failed Attempt of

Below, I will demonstrate how easy it is to prove GrimTheFangKing is a lying scumbag that WON'T get away with what he’s been doing.

He exposed his own actions. He can no longer deny the truth.


You know how we created a bait document to lure Grim out?(Which worked by the way) Apparently it was flagged lol. As you can see in the “Racist Followers & Harassment” section. They have a history of flagging and reporting people. That’s literally the mentality of someone who belongs in the cancel culture community.

Before Grim lies and says he’s not making numerous accounts. He openly admitted that him and his friends were creating accounts. Since I noticed that he’s a whore for views. I'm not going to bother giving him a second view. If I recall, it was around 1:30:00-2:10:00 mark.

To be specific, they created these accounts to “raid” that bait document we made.



To conclude this, Grim made a comment on the document.
Obviously I deleted it afterwards but to tell you what Grim said, he pretty much played victim. How ironic at the time he made a comment on the bait document. Those donald accounts pop up at the same time. You keep giving yourself away grim lol.

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