GrimTheFangKing / Violent Grim Omega / AzelusGrimsight - Incel Debater, Infamous Pathological Liar, Wants to Consume all of Knowledge, Predator, and Shitty Content Creator.

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May 1, 2018
What is this thread a fly trap for the exceptional? :story:

Anyways nothing about this supposed cow is interesting. The OP isn’t concise, images are broken, and like any bad essay you didn’t give a thesis statement as to why this guy would be an interesting cow. You could have just sperged about this guy in a minor cow thread instead of spending time making an OP.


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Sep 17, 2019
In case you didn’t know, Grim used to be an associate of a group called the “League of Blackness” or whatever.
I was wondering why this guy's name sounded familiar, and there it is. So he's an associate of Mad Black Atheist and his gay "League of Darkness" (Pro-tip: a league is almost as gay as a clan). Which means he maybe had a hand in the whole Xavier Pace/Perfection evidence forgery bullshit a while back. I say "maybe" because nobody gives a fuck about MBA. I sure as fuck don't care enough to double-check. And I really don't think anyone cares about this GrimTheFangKing guy either.

Everyone's (rightfully) piling on and criticizing your OP, but I'll be nice(r) and try to be constructive. Your images are 100% broken. Here is what everyone that isn't you sees when they view this thread:

We (not you, but literally everyone else) see this because all of your image links are routed through a googleusercontent proxy cache. So the images will look fine to you when you view it, but they'll often break for anyone else that tries to view them.

Don't just paste googleusercontent image links (or drag-and-drop from a Google Photo album) on this site. Upload the images directly. Google can and will delete their proxy cache images for any reason (and also no reason at all), whereas uploading them directly to this site ensures that they'll stick around as long as this site does. There's a reason that the upload image defaults to a local upload:

(Again, it's a minor point in light of the rest of the problems with the OP that others have already pointed out. But on the off-chance that you sincerely think there's anything funny about this guy and want to try making this thread for a third time, just a pointer.)
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Feb 4, 2019
Your OP drags on for too long and there's nothing funny there. Even if the guy in question is in fact everything you say he is he's not funny, just another boring weeb edgelord.