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No bra on today:

She is looking rough and rugged in the thumbnail.

She got recognized at Wommart. You know Narclynn loved this.

I guessed she would pick the Italian Wedding Soup without even thinking about it.
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She went out looking like absolute shit, even for her. She's wearing her weigh-in dress for chrissake. 👀

She doesn't say that Becky is diabetic but she taste tests some shitty candy (that Becky bought) and says "It's not bad, if you're diabetic..."

If you urgently need help your psychiatrist should be able to see you. She doesn't specify that Becky told that to the office when they called to cancel her appointment, but I'm guessing she didn't. I simply don't believe that they wouldn't see her had she told them that she's "really struggling" and needs help now.


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I finally figured out why she wears those terrible chokers; beyond trying to make her look like she has a neck. It’s to hide the anthosis nigricans creeping outward from her crease where her fat from her head now meets the shoulder fat. The AN is creeping out so far now that she is going to need to have a cleopatra style necklace next.

PS. When your video is all about what you bought at the grocery store, what has your life become? Answer: sad.
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I like that one 3 second clip of her throwing her gingerbread house away. Something about it comes off as so passive-aggressive.:lol:

I also enjoyed watching her talk in circles to hide her heavy panting from walking to the car. Actually, in hindsight she talked in a lot of circles...

“I got a recommendation for a doctor and I called them and didn’tgetananswer so I called an hour later and it rang likefivetimes so I hung up then called again and it ranglikefivetimes and then I waited another hour anditranglikefivetimes so Idunnowhatsupwiththat so Becky has her appointment today and I was rully excited about that wewerebothrullyexcited because she needs it butitgotcancelled and like I think I’m gunna cancel my appointment with the same doctor she sees tomorrow becauseshesstrugglingrightnow as you guys know and she needs it more than me”


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No fucking way the doctor's office did not answer her calls, she just decided not to get a third opinion after all and save some coins to buy more crap at Woomart.

And yeah no way the psychiatry canceled Becky's appointment and did not offered a new date soon as possible.

Plus doesn't Amber need to go her appointment to get her prescription refilled ???

And bitch you do need it - few days ago you vloged yourself having a anxiety attack... or at least that's what you said it was.


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I can absolutely believe that her psychiatrist wouldn't see her. Remember where they live. Most of the doctors do not care about their patients, they care that the visit gets paid for, and that the medications get purchased. On top of that most of the population is trying to get that magical payout of disability checks. (Notice a while back how often Eric, Amber etc would say the word "diagnosis" and the reverence in their voices? Without an official diagnosis, no check can be gotten.) Finding doctors that care and that know their stuff is extremely difficult, and even then they'll get ground down by the culture and turn into a script-writer.


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That phone anxiety, tho. It looks like the online shopping and free grocery pickup perk hasn't made it to BF Kentucky Walmarts yet. I don't see all the orange markers that direct you to the pickup area. That could become a catalyst for the anticipated bedbound saga, so maybe it is best (for her) that she not have that option. Also, could the angel that recommended that third doc be trollin' our gorl?

Edit: the clinic probably offered to refill Becky's prescription in lieu of the upcoming appointment and scheduled the next appointment. They will usually do that or offer walk in hours when something like this happens. Considering this is a psychiatrist and prescription mill, there is rarely a need for urgent care. Becky can and should go to the ER if she is suicidal or homicidal, so you have to question just how urgent her need is at this point. My non-professional opinion (and gut feeling) is that she has been put on the wrong meds due to misdiagnosis. But I could be full of shit.
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Ah yes I'm sure she called the office that much with all that supposed phone anxiety she has. She couldn't be that persistent when it came to calling the homeless shelter. Lmao whatever she lies about absolutely everything.
As for Becky, the theories that amber ia holding on to her diagnosis and slowly going to reveal things for sympathy, views, and revenue seem to slowly be happening. She's Also keeping it as her Trump card for when she has to explain why she's at the ER AGAIN and take the heat off of her.
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