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It still boggles my mind, she’s like ‘trying to watch my sodium guys’ then proceeds to go to the Chinese buffet???

It’s not her watching her sodium but it’s Becky, however Becky is right there with you at your binges.
She got those fake chicken "less sodium" chicken things, so it all balances out.
It is full Peter Griffin now. Gosh-danged balls!


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Someone really should send Al a five pound bag of sugar free gummy bears. Knowing her, she’d get through at least half the bag in a day, and proceed to have diarrhea that nightmares are made of.
Oh she eats like an fucking idiot all the time - she doesn't need our help for that.

Imagine her aygg allergie is real - the dumb cow was eating eggs a few days after complaining about being sick from it.


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Oh she eats like an fucking idiot all the time - she doesn't need our help for that.

Imagine her aygg allergie is real - the dumb cow was eating eggs a few days after complaining about being sick from it.
She’s the type of person that gets food poisoning from something they ate, and continues eating said food while they are still sick from it. Food is her love above everyone else. She’s a junkie for food.

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So we finally enter the muumuu, no bra, commando phase, happily dripping urine, discharge and getting some fresh air in the infected areas...
Awh Hambo... you're such a wild gorl.

Lil PL: I worked at a residential home for about a year and we had a woman who was in her 40s. She was fat af but not Amber level of fat. The stench was something that no living human should ever be able to make with their body. She never used pads or incontinence pants. She would use baby wipes. I don't quite know how she did it but we would find folded up wipes covered in piss or blood that fucking stunk in the bathroom. So here's an idea for you big al, plug yo pussy at least when you're in public using the scooters. Some poor old woman is going to come along and have to sit in her pool of pissy discharge while doing her shopping 🤮
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There's an 'off' vibe to today's video. If she had any real self awareness, I would say she's close to a "come To Jesus" moment in terms of her health but she's not, so it's coming across as a nervous-making feeling that something, LOTS of things aren't working. Nobody's buying the losing weight story she keeps trying to sell & she's eased off on that. People are still on her case about Twinkie, about Beckie driving & about her lack of genuine effort to change her eating habits, if nothing else. After 20 days of increasingly banal uploads, titling this one "LIVE At Walmart", doesn't make her daily life any less empty & using that in the title would come across as pitiable if it wasn't coming from a mule headed individual determined to do what she wants, when she wants: "Because I'm an adult & *I* do what *I* want!"

She was at Wommart yesterday for her antibiotics; I don't believe she didn't buy food then... or the day before or the day before that. Still buying the same highly processed, sodium laden swill & I'm now completely convinced that will never change. She's just not willing to learn or cause herself temporary discomfort. She lives in the moment & damn the consequences down the road.

No matter her experiences with the holidays as a child, as an adult she can create her own rituals, traditions & eliminate those that evoke bad memories. That is 1 genuine advantage of adulthood. Last week, she was smugly crowing about all the holiday meals parties, coming up. Not a word about those in the last few days yet Christmas week has arguably started. Something major is not going her way right now but whatever it is, she hasn't figured out a way to sell it to her viewers or a way she thinks she can.

Be curious to see what she does tomorrow; try to sell us that she's living her best life again? Another haul? More eating? The last has been the one constant lately.

I don't think she went to the doctor yesterday, or that there are antibiotics to pick up/take, or that she plans to get a third opinion. She thinks she's outsmarting the haydurs by pretending to do normal things about her health, in order to continue filming her plates of restaurant sodium and trips to wommort. This way, she thinks nobody will say "why are you just going out to eat instead of focusing on your health" because she's supposibly going to such lengths to take care of the health stuff. But... we see you gorl. We see you. You're not that clever.


What is the dark shit on her neck exactly? And that's in between her boobs? I'm guessing the same dark discoloration thats on people on my 600 lb life, but what is that exactly? Some sort of necrosis? And why the fuck is it on her boobs?
You are t the only one who pointed this out so I’m trying to see what we are talking about. Can I get a time stamp.

towards the end she zoomed in on her chest, I don’t see it?

I guess it's still warm in Kentucky? does her blubber really work to keep her warm? wearing the muumuu and just the sweater her nips would be poking of those things I always wondered how she can handle the cold in the winter with just a cardigan.
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