GROCERY HAUL & LEMON CHALLENGE 4/9/19 - Spoiler: Becky wins the lemon challenge

Which of Al’s home cooked meals would you eat?

  • Chicken with instant rice and quinoa

    Votes: 20 9.5%
  • Chicken with broccoli and potatoes

    Votes: 60 28.6%
  • Chili with tube turkey and canned vegetables

    Votes: 3 1.4%
  • Pasta with egg, soy sauce, scallions and bacon

    Votes: 19 9.0%
  • Everything soup with potatoes, rice, olives, liquid aminos and vegetables

    Votes: 8 3.8%
  • Kielbasa sausage with onions, bell pepper and a potato

    Votes: 83 39.5%
  • Tube turkey “nachos”

    Votes: 17 8.1%

  • Total voters


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  • Al says she’s trying to organize more
  • She’s getting rid of a bunch of stuff
  • Her favorite weather is overcast and rainy
  • She’s trying to exercise every day
  • She has a bad habit of sleeping in the shirt she wore the day before
Next day
  • She shows us her workout
  • Her grocery haul
  • Lemon challenge
    Becky won. She says she’d eat lemons like this as a kid and her sister still does it
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90 seconds in and AL is a literal Saint sent on down from heaven that exercises, drinks plenty of water and donates her clothes to the needy: just in case anybody didn't know she was planning on being a "lazy twat" but "things happened!".

She's a changed gorl, no doubt. Motivation she tells us is like breathing, you have to do it, so just get it done.

Can someone, anyone teach this bitch how to cook rice? Maybe we could pitch in and buy her a rice cooker? If she's going to insist on eating mass quantities of rice, I'd rather her not eat that ready rice bullshit. It tastes horrible (which, yes, I get is not a problem for our gorl) and it's just packed to the brim with sodium and preservatives.

Also, that choker looks like it's losing it's will to live and maybe about to choke out the life of it's abuser.

She doin uploads everyday now? Gorl be desperate to regain all those lost susscribers.
that, or she got ass raped by the IRS and is trying to make up for the lost coin
actually I'm more inclined to believe she is making up for back taxes and penalties because despite the loss of subscribers (which she's getting back anyway) her $$views$$ did not decrease

Amber's Lymphedema

русский робот
Nothing groundbreaking in this video...

  • Amberlynn has a "horrible habit" of sleeping in the shirt she wore the day before.
  • Today is a little bit more low-key compared to all the things she's been doing lately, such as cleaning the house and her bedroom.
  • Acknowledges that her side of the bedroom is "a little bit cluttered."
  • So successful in drinking out of new water bottle. Best water bottle she's ever used, actually. Boo boo, they're not going to sponsor you.
  • Was going to have a lazy day but suddenly had a change of heart and decided to get dressed, then had a lot of anxiety attacks and crying
  • Allegedly cleans and organizes
  • Their speaker-thing that plays music falls on Becky; Amber leaves her to suffocate while occasionally glancing in her direction
  • Annoyed with herself because she was going to have Becky film her do a weigh-in but she forgot.
  • Flails meat bags while listening to "Avincii"
  • Arms burn so bad she cannot hold up camera. Also wants to add layg exercises and will vlog it. Definitely tuning in for that.
  • Plastic grocery bag ASMR
  • Great Value hulthy grocery haul
  • Becky attacks lemon like a wild orangutan
  • Amberlynn has licked on a lemon before.

So I checked back on this thread because our gorl @JambledUpWords always edits the OP with more info and pics. Looking at those pictures Amber is almost unrecognizable. Look at that pic where she's holding the lemons. What the fuck is going on with her face??

I tend to think people are exaggerating when they say she must be well over 600 pounds by now. But I've changed my mind. She has blown the fuck up

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