GROCERY HAUL & SNACK IDEAS | 12.1.2020 - 25 Days of Overexposure and Cheap Gifts



Do you even lift, bro?
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The disappointed sigh after realising those shitty earrings weren't mistletoe.. God, you petty fucking cow.

Nice to see Becky looking infinitely more miserable than usual. That's what you get when you lick the arse of a lip balm buying, deadbeat dough wench. The forced affection towards Twinkie makes me intensely uncomfortable, poor bugger.



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Don't make up stupid words. Lynnmas? wtf go die

Tree looks nice.

Dear Gawd Becky! What have you done to yourself?!

Wasabi was lookin a little scroungy. Bad fur day?

First reaction to trying Chapstick. This is what it's come to I guess.

Lil Twinkie is adorable.

Groceries - for when you need a snack while you wait for the Door Dash order to get there.

I'm stuck between being disgusted at seeing this pig eat and also really craving pretzel crisps.

Lego sets are like...whatever happened to getting a big box of random bricks and being creative? /old person grumping

Corona fear is not what makes the videos boring, ShutInLynn.


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Sooo... How many days till she quits?
Considering that she didn't upload yesterday, she has to upload from today until the 24th to match her record from last year, she has to go past that to beat it.
Well, I guess that's a step up from the crayons Becky normally eats.
She might actually get some fiber from the paper the crayons are wrapped in, though.
She didn't edit the video properly and the entire thing came out overexposed.
Oh, on the contrary:
Jesus F'ng Christ WTF is up with the lighting. It is almost unwatchable. She probably did it on purpose to troll.
Has any other YouTuber Amber watches done an overexposed situation type deal lately?

We all know Amber is a salty bitch about Ann leaking those messages. She's going to make vlogmas as boring and horrible to watch as she possibly can.
JFC get a lint roller you sow. Also, fix your eyeliner.