GROCERY HAUL & SNACK IDEAS | 12.1.2020 - 25 Days of Overexposure and Cheap Gifts

a dinosaur
when u compare the pile of gifts that she got for Density s Birthday....and u see Becky s Pile...with Chapsticks O.o
Christmas in November 2016

vs. Lynnmas 2020


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Ugh I had to skip through the gift opening part, that was boring as fuck and Becky is getting painful to look at. Is she taking her BP meds?

Why is Amber getting turkey burgers? Isn't her fat ass still anemic?

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I just binged
When Becky gets up to get her chapstick her saggy ass was on full display and it truly was an image of Lovecraftian fueled nightmares. I have spared you all by not screen capping it. I await my bones for merely bringing it up though. Merry Lynnmasto show that she doesn’t give a shit on how she portrays Becky but most of the time she shows herself from the chincleavage up.
Goes to show that she doesn’t give a fuck how much of Becky she shows but most of the time we only see Amber from her chincleavage up.

Turd Fergusson
So, the Lego set that she called "expert level" is:

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 75969; Great Gift for Kids Who Love Castles, Magical Action Minifigures and Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Toys, New 2020 (971 Pieces)​

Another expensive set to buy for a young girl. I guess it may make sense for Amber to call it expert-level since she was putting together 100 pieces puzzles that an 8-year-old kid would find a bit difficult.

Imagine you chose the life of being the ass-wiper of a disgusting 600lb land whale, you even sold out your own mother for a pay of countless cartoon and band t-shirts and then your precious bounty ends up collecting dust in the closet because you became so freakin FAT that your new grown turkey arms cannot bust through the sleeves any longer.

Well done, Becky, well done.