GROCERY HAUL & SNACK IDEAS | 12.1.2020 - 25 Days of Overexposure and Cheap Gifts


The sound of your impending doom
I didn't even bother watching her video, but I can tell you this:

The only thing that makes me mad about this video is the amount of engagement its going to bring to her channel. Eventually, she'll make a half-assed video addressing the duh-rah-muh between her, Norma, and Ann again. This will in turn bring in more haydurs and paypigs and bring in even more engagement and thus, more YouTube coin. It's a frustrating endless cycle. Anyone who watches her vids without an ad blocker are idiots. She doesn't deserve the coin, but stupid fucking people who are desperate for the tea just keep coming back.

beautiful person

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Even with it bright af, I can still see
Line, line, line, line.

Maybe AmLynn isn't one of those chicks that uses overexposure for face-smoothing, but if she is, it didn't work.

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If Kai's tears could talk
This fucking cow flexing that she got the new iphone in the first minute of the video... wooooow she really bringing her trolling A game with this one! The best troll is her saying that this is her 8th vlogmas like bitch making a handful of videos in december and quitting halfway through is not a vlogmas and you know damn well!

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fractured, but whole.
Typical Amber fashion to address a drama type situation, hide for a bit, and then come back for VLOGMAS! I mean...Lynnmas.

Wants to post from the 1st-25th. How much you want to bet she'll quit vlogmas two days before Christmas?

Yeah no, stop trying to make Lynnmas happen. It's not gonna happen. Also, I highly doubt anyone actually gives a fuck how long she's been doing vlogmas for. Who are these people that make these comments anyway? Youtube comments? Instagram messages? Or does she just project this shit onto her audience and hide behind the "So many people tell me" statement?