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"it's a lip plumper, my lips are so small it's just not working." 2nd day in a row of mentioning "dainty lips."

Hamber, dearest? Has it ever, in the briefest of moments, ever struck you that maybe, possibly, what if, your lips are perfectly fucking normal and the rest of your morbidly fat moon-ass face is the real problem here? Naaah, didn't think so.

Christ, that intro music! Just shoot me.


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Cringe appropriation, slop in a pot, boring haul, even the comment of the day segment is as dead-eyed as Becky. Boring and skippable.

EDIT: She's crying and trying to manipulate people into posting nice comments on her videos. She is definitely gearing up to enter phase one in time for her usual January resolution sub grab.


Meh. Just an egg with a bacon blanket.
I thought the whole point of Vlogmas was to do Christmas type stuff? Like decorating or building gingerbread houses or tree shopping? Otherwise why call it Vlogmas?

Also, where did all these positive comments come from? I first thought she might be deleting comments but she never had that many positive ones to be able to delete all the negative ones.

I thought the whole point of Vlogmas was to do Christmas type stuff? Like decorating or building gingerbread houses or tree shopping? Otherwise why call it Vlogmas?

Also, where did all these positive comments come from? I first thought she might be deleting comments but she never had that many positive ones to be able to delete all the negative ones.
I thought that too about the comments. Piggy pup is more than capable of using socks. She has been using them for years.


I pulled off your wings, and I laughed.
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Its my turn to do these recaps cause fuck my life I have no reason to live.

Amber looking porcine as ever in her pink polka dotted shirt
Amber rambles on about her schedule and how everyone does it differently but thats ok
Shes wearing a brand called Millani and I swore that brand was for black ladies, it's a lip plumper and lol at that because gorl no matter how hueg your lips get, it will not overshadow those quad chins you got going on.
She prefers matte and rambles about being angry with herself because Dayquil and Nyquil work for her but she forgot to take her NyQuil because I assume her candy coma shut her down before she was able to take it, because you know she has SO much to do during her evenings.
She is going to take her Dayquil for "peecaution" cause she doesn't wanna get anyone else sick.. even though she is going out TO EAT and hang out "with some friends" and she brings up the fucking broccoli again
I honestly think she thinks this is some groundbreaking new technology that you can soften veggies with steam, it's blowing my mind.. *sigh*
Its super windy outside and her hair is sooper frizzy (I assume because she finally washed it) and the combo of the two "ingredients" dont go together well. :shit-eating:
Cut to outside the fag shanty and she is shocked at the weather being more agreeable
Cut to the car trip to eat with shitty music
They are at the restaurant and she is claiming the wind was causing the car to veer off the road and she thought since she is a moon that wouldnt happen, my guess is Benzo Becky was nodding out at the wheel.
Amber is freaking out and is hope she will be safe on the way home, nevermind her gorlfriend is probably high as giraffe pussy all day long.
Cut to more overuse of shitty christmas music over shots of her fucking sushi.
Back in the car after her meal, Amber pontificates if she should start carrying around a jacket as her whale blubber is not enough to sustain cold weather.
Amber claimed to have a Marilyn Monroe moment as her dress tarp is sooper loose and the wind blew her dress up! 🤮🤮🤮(:_(:heart-empty: "My skin didnt show but I stopped it from happeneen"
Of course right after eating in usual AL fashion they went grocery shoppeen!
Al was dazzled that the waiter wrote "california" on the plate next to her california rolls, no doubt I am sure he was flirting with AL.
At the store now AL is fingerfucking the makeup remover wipes and telling her audience how these brands dont make her face break out... JUST USE SOAP AND WATER
Cut to another mug AL is charmed by a pink mug with "hot cocoa & chill" written on it.
More mugs are shown nobody cares, AL chuckles at once that says "leftovers are for quitters" on hunty you know leftovers are not a thing in your world baby.
AL decides to be cheeky and put the phone in the fridge and she opens the fridge door confused "hullo wut are u guise doin in muh fridge"
Now to the haul of food
Chicken, turkey sausage, ground turkey, lean cuisine orange chicken ORANGE CHICKEN LYNN, potatos, chicken broth AL lets us know she is going to make another chicken soup slop, makeup wipes, english muffins
Pauses to talk about how the lighting makes her dark circles darker
Brown rice, water chestnuts, general tso stir fry sauce, baby corn on the cob lmao..
Amber lets us know she is going to do the dishes after this! She calls it a dishes date
Broccoli, cucmbers and Benzo Becky got broccoli and green beans
Al claims Beggy doesnt need much which Im sure its true since shes fucked off her ass all day and forgets to eat
AL calims shes off her water game so she shows a bottle of water and claims she had a lot of sodium
AL shoos Rarity off the table
Twinkie is seen for a second

AL addresses that her audience is aware Benzo Becky looks like hammered shit and also is acting fucked off her gunt in recent videos
Al claims Benzo Beck may share whats going on with her in a video but its her choice whether or not she does it.
"There has been a lot of speculation and a lot of rumors and it's not fair, Becky shouldnt have to share whats going on with her"
Right, AL maybe dont show her in vlogs fucked up or dont mention it in the first place but you know AL loves the drama.
Note: AL never denied anything speculated she just stated it wasnt fair.
Strangly no beggy seen or heard in this video which I assume is because people are commenting on how high she looks all the time.
Amber shows ass patting comments and she fake cries about it, I skipped I dont care, I dont care about her giving herself props for moving around for 5 mins, sorry not sorry. I have seen this a million times and this kinf of behavior from AL is why she is over 600 pounds.
Its amazing how all of a sudden there is boatloads of asspatters, it's hilarious how easily people can be swayed but most of us who have braincells know this is part of her unending cycle of bullshittery that has been rocketing her to her grave.
Soon she will be crying that she has no family during the holidays and she misses her mom, brothers etc etc and then gets sicker and cries and looks like diseased goo.
Skipped all of it to the end, kill me. :story:
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The wind is causing the car to swerve, not the. . .drugged Becky at the wheel?
The "wend" doesn't have a snowball's hope in hell of budging that creaky old Bingemobile even an inch, not with around 900 pounds of stinky, greasy, flabby lesbian lardy blobs squashed all up inside of it and bulging up against the busted up doors and windows weighing the poor thing down.

Drugged Up DUI Benzo Beggy has swerved, been speeding, careened into ditches, and been pulled over by cops before....and her smooth little special needs pea-brain is more addled by SOME kind of mystery painkiller or opioid right now. The spectacular vehicular crash that finally turns the Hambeast into a big red splatter of fat and guts on the pavement could be closer than we think