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3:30: "I was having a little Marilyn Monroe moment..."

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Soon enough she'll have a Marilyn Monroe situation going on.



I think Rarity is asking for help in that intro... she had that look on her face when cats are getting annoyed and are about to smack you.

what is with the comments?? Did everyone else drink some Kool-Aid that I missed out on?? This is the same old tired cycle, nothing has actually changed at all. I don't know what's with all the ass patting comments for no reason. It's not like anything has changed, no weigh, no actual weight loss, have not seen her eat one fresh vegetable, haven't seen her walk at all. She's using scooters at Walmart instead of trying to walk more. I don't believe that Hambeast is actually walking and moving more at all.


These comments make me want to vomit, it’s like shrimpgate all over again except this time we have even less information given to us: we have no plan, no weigh in, no exercises, nothing but vague bullshit she’s been spewing.

I have a theory that all the ‘haydurs’ are leaving her channel to just watch her content elsewhere on reaction channels.
when I went to michaels channel he actually had 1k more views than al’s original video.
I can see a pissed off landwhale Snapchat rant in the future about reaction channels stealing her views lol


I hate this
How do comments translate to dollars and does she still get credit for comments she deletes?

I kind of don't want to contribute to her money but as long as it goes to torrid and inflating her neck hump it's cool.


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She's not deleting them. There's no way she could delete fast enough. IF they're being manually screened I bet she's doing it herself. She balked at paying for an intro, and that's work she wasn't going to do herself. This fat bitch has nothing but time on her hands and spends all day reading about herself anyway, why would she hire help?

a llama weighs 450lbs

amber's hump #1 fan
for those worried if Amber ate Wasabi, never fear he made an appearance around 7:57 and I'm not making arrows or anything so if you can't see him too bad I'm sorry you're blind
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good eye. i'll call off the investigation

on our present day marilyn: i think most people having a marilyn monroe moment would be worried about their underwear or even their cooter being exposed but of course amber says she was glad her SKIN didn't show. how horrifying must her body look that she's so paranoid about someone seeing a flash of her stomach skin. :cryblood:


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She is stupid thousands view her video for hate comments, grats Amber you literally fast forward my prediction of your channel in 2020 through your own hand.

All because you were desperate for shelf pats, you are going to lose a lot of money now :)


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It seems unlikely that she's moderating comments herself - that would take effort and dedication- bolth of these things are not present in Hamber's life.

Outsourcing moderation to India also doesn't seem believable, because Al hates spending shekels on anything but food and hoarding items.

Some technical glitch maybe? No idea... I haven't been this confused since I tried to understand where Amber's ass ends and laygs start.
I think she's on a "new month, new me" kick with Vlogmas & all the mouthbreathing haydurs on Facebook, Reddit, etc. are falling for it. She looks more animated than she has in a while, that's for sure. Unlike Becky.

Do. . .do you guys think Amber is feeding on Becky's life force, which is is why she's so reinvigorated while Becky is becoming progressively more zombie-like? Vampirelynn! [throws up gang sign]