• The End of Proving Grounds: (Thread) (Update) (Last Call in PG)
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DefCon Dumb

Confronter of Cryptoid Cuntiness
Okay, I'm less than 1.5 minutes into this crap & my Little Voice Inside has done little but snap: "Oh, Fuck off you whiny, manipulative bitch!" The worst person to use her health against her is herself. RESENT her for 'mistakes' she's made in the past? Why would we bother worrying about her past screw ups when there's a rich harvest of recent ones to be had? How do negative comments 'leave her no room for growth or change? Well, she was due for another blame the audience whine... now let's see if the rest of this dreck is any better...

Dumb Bitch Smoothie

All I Want for Christmas is the GFM
It would be even funnier if she went to the ER twice just to be told nothing is wrong besides her weight and that's why she's dancing around it. Getting rid of (insert symptom here) involves weight loss and being more active/taking better care of her hygiene.

Although this may be the long winding road down to her becoming a grocery list of diagnoses munchie.


Token SJW
I'm not going to do a recap, just list out the delusions. In no particular order:

  • Her health problems have nothing to do with her weight
  • Size small is usually okay, but sometimes medium fits better (in reference not to Torrid for a change, but to clothes for Twinkie -- complete with comments about the fabric)
  • She's not a hoarder
  • She doesn't have much makeup
  • Two salmon fillets are two meals for her
  • The mattress is getting moved out of the living room "today"
  • "I don't just blast peoples' business online. A good example of that is..." [Sorry, my brain cut out here for a second.]
  • "Diets don't work." She's on a "lifestyle change" not a "diet"
  • Her "allergic reaction" is clearing up and her skin is starting to look much better
  • Did she mention her health problems have nothing to do with her weight?
  • It's "pretty common" for people to mispronounce "dose" as "do-say"
  • In response to a comment of the day asking when she's going to get some real help: "I don't need it." Follows up with "I do need it when it comes to my health and stuff". [What the fuck do you think she was referring to? Help doing your makeup? Or do you not consider your weight to be at all related to your health?]
  • "It's not that I want negative attention." She just wants views. Obviously. Because she's a YouTuber. So she wants attention. But not negative attention. That just seems to find her. Not her fault.


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