World Growing Number of Mexicans Flying to Canada and Sneaking Across the Northern Border - Mexicans take a page out of the Somali handbook.

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How come they can afford to fly to Canada but not to try to enter the US legally?

They technically could, but then the people importing them wouldn't be able to hide the numbers being brought in which might lead to anti-immigration mentality if they knew the total numbers. Let alone then these illegals couldn't bank off the tax payers such as stealing SSN's from the IRS, and making a killing off of our tax slaves the middle class as it were. Add in being illegal makes it hard to track if you commit crimes vs. if you are legal, and you have a recipe for why they might not want to enter legally over illegally.


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I'll have to dig it up "Before it was not a big deal" the state of california hired a couple of dozen illegal aliens with sequential SS#s
I thought you meant the federal government. :stress:California lets illegals hold office, so I’m not shocked at all that they would hire them.
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Drown in the cesspool of darkness
I thought you meant the federal government. :stress:California lets illegals hold office, so I’m not shocked at all that they would hire them.
To be fair, if they stole ID's/SSN's they basically could act as an official citize and potentially get hired by the federal government. It's not impossible. I just don't have any hard proof myself of any specific examples or specific person (s).

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I'll have to dig it up "Before it was not a big deal" the state of california hired a couple of dozen illegal aliens with sequential SS#s
The "State" of California is not the Federal government. Only the Federal government can make policy and enforcement regarding citizenship and while we all know California loves to defy the Feds regarding its beloved illegals I am waitng for the day the President signs off on Sherman's March to the Sea 2.0 Pacific.


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Build a wall around Canada too. Their maplesyrupnigger politics and queer prime minister should be contained within that arctic continent.
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Reasons why:

1) The Canadian Border is larger and less treacherous. A lot of it is wilderness. The worst you'll run into are bears and wild animals. The worst you run into down south are Mexican Cartels.

2) Even if you get lost, its a lot easier to survive in the woods than a barren fucking desert. Many illegals who decide to hike across just perish in the desert because its so perilous. Its a lot more temperate and easier to cross. Heat exhaustion is more dangerous.

3) With increased scrutiny on the border, its become more expensive and riskier for coyotes who smuggle people. Its a fuckton easier to just take them on a boat, sail all the way up and drop them off. Or drop them off in sanctuary cities which they just have to travel through, and are less likely to be deported (Ala New York). Most of the pressure is on immigrants who stay, so an illegal traveling through the US is generally not going to get deported as easily as one trying to live here. Also, a lot less people will die since you're not driving them up in a packed trailer or van in 100 degree temperatures cooking them alive.

4) Far better welfare benefits than the US.

Its like why a lot of migrants bitched they couldn't leave Italy. They want the free money.
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So we have illegal Haitians trying to cross from New York into Quebec, and illegal Mexicans trying to make the same crossing in reverse. Truly, the grass is greener on the other side.

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I've never even been to Vienna.
Legal US entry is several to tens of thousands of dollars.
Flying to Canada is several hundred to a thousand dollars
Where in the world are you getting the idea that a visa into the US costs tens of thousands of dollars? It doesn't. 98% of the visa process to get into the US temporarily for work or to apply for an immigrations visa is just waiting and going through interviews.

None of these illegals would have an approved vis application in the first place. That's why they skip the process; not because its expensive.

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