Groypers and J6 - AF's Charlottesville?

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Apr 19, 2022
I think this is an interesting event that deserves a thread of its own in the AF subforum for 2 reasons: firstly, because it's highly likely that there are currently groypers who are in solitary confinement due to Nick's incendiary rhetoric on J6. Obviously Mr I-would-die-for-Trump was too cowardly and/or cynical to step foot inside the Capitol himself, and Nick seems to treat the whole matter just like how Dickie Spencer treated the fact that he led lots of followers' lives into ruin: namely by not giving a flying fuck about it. Just collateral damage in pursuit of inevitable greatness right? Do we know who these people are by any chance, and what do they think of Nick now? What do defector groypers think of J6 in retrospect?

Secondly, J6 kickstarted a series of events that arguably led to where we are now, on an AF themed subforum. The first groypers generals get purged or leave in the wake of J6 and it seems the start of Nick's inner circle getting cut down to only sycophants and lolcows, making Nick lose touch with reality more everyday. J6 also marks the point during which the mainstream ratchetes up the external political pressure on AF severely: Nick gets investigated and his movement is basically branded a potential domestic terrorist organisation by the liberal media and government. A wave of censorship follows. Again lots of parallels to the Alt Right post-Cville.

So was J6 the beginning of the end for America First?
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Sep 11, 2021
It's funny that after the perverse delight Nick and his gaggle of faggots took in pissing on the ashes of the Alt-Right after Charlottesville he proceeded to lead a large number of his followers to (and helped organize) an event that can only be described as "Charlottesville on Bath Salts"

Thank you- you fucking manbaby for giving the Federal government of the US carte blanche to weaponize all the egregious constitutional violations the Bush Administration set up in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 against domestic political rivals. Thank you for providing the legal and historical framework for Congress to turn the FBI into the new NKVD. Thank you for giving federal judges the perfect excuse to issue warrants against any and every Trump supporter who was anywhere on the entire East Coast of the continental United States anytime in January of 2021.

If Matthew Heimbach, Richard Spencer, and Jeff Shoep somehow managed to orchestrate a terrorist attack on Charlottesville's local orphanage with homemade sarin-gas like Aum Shinrikyo did on the Tokyo Subway I don't think it would have resulted in a worse outcome for right-wing people in the US.

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Oct 10, 2020
It's always like I've said, if they were going to get punished for J6, they should've done something worth being punished over.

Dec 22, 2021
Nicholas J. Fuentes intentionally and subversively attacked the activists who have been working tirelessly to free these J6 Peaceful and Patriotic Prisoners of Conscience. Regarding the September 2021 rally in Washington, DC--a true media coup d'etat that secured approximately 400 journalists for a crowd of only 200 people, the Fake News got PLAYED--Nick said, "If you are stupid enough to go to that rally, you deserve to be locked up." Meanwhile, the rally happened and within a few weeks, conditions at the DC Jail were being reformed.

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Mar 9, 2022
Yeah I think so. And frankly it seems like such a stupid blunder. Look, if you're gonna do something like J6 you better have a really good plan. Speaking purely from a pragmatic standpoint, J6 was a disaster because the storming of the Capitol was legit the best thing that could be achieved and such an achievement gives them nothing but negative PR. So yeah, I think the parallel is warranted.


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May 14, 2019
At least with Charlottesville we got to see some dude play Wii Bowling with his car.
I mean we got lieutenant Michael Byrd shooting Ashli Babbitt to death. That's kind of an own-goal, considering the Republican pushback against the "cops are bastards" BLM rhetoric. But no, the Thin Blue Line persists.


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Nov 5, 2020
honestly looking at January 6th and the utter shitshow that got overblown.

Brett Kavennaugh situation kind of opened the door when Feminist protesters broke into the capitol and faced no serious repercussions.

But honestly I think Kami is a federal informant seeing how Gypsy crusader got arrested on a gun charge and his record dredged up from 2010 and FBI raided his home for basically Omegle streaming.


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Nov 5, 2020
Not even the call to lynch Mike Pence?
Don't want to say apples to oranges but Hey Screw with people's sacred belief on voting and don't be surprised that you see the other side say hang mike pence. Mail in ballots, and a Hysteria around the glorified coof definitely leave ample room for shenanigans and shenanigans are a good way to destabilize things.


Jan 29, 2021
The January 6th terrorist insurrection was an event encouraged and executed buy certain intelligence agencies in conjunction with the other half of the fourth branch of the US government, the TV news networks. Before then America broadcasting was inundated with praises for the riots peaceful protests of the BLM movements when Fentynal Floyd stopped breathing while helping his community.

In order to corral the terrorists they lured them to the US capital and let them walk around. Footage was then collected for the newest news cycle to focus growing ire away from the peaceful protests towards transphobic concervatives. Glowing alphabet individuals were nice enough to tell Milo Yeenonopolosopls and Blacked Alaska not to come to the capital tour rebellion though.

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Apr 22, 2019
Just think. There’s been groypers locked up in solitary for so long they have no idea about how the AF has collapased and they still believe in Fuentes.
Just think. There's been groypers locked in their mothers basements for so long they have no idea about how AF has collapsed and they still believe in Fuentes.