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Yeah, Thumby ( or Big Al herself) sent those questions---they're the same questions she always picks to answer.
Rickie texted her, uh-huh, sure he did. Text from Rickie--"Move out, move out, move out!!!!"

Big Al is a scam artist, to be sure, but I'm surprised "self-harm" isn't the major reason her videos would be taken's still funny as hell though.

Slappy McGherkin

Let me introduce you to coulrophobia.
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it’s a secret because her dream wedding isn’t with becky.
It's not. Her and Necktard were playing some stupid card question game in a video not too awfully long ago and I pointed this out. The question was something like "What do you fantasize the most about?" and Hamber immediately replied "MY wedding day!" Not OUR wedding day, but AMBER'S WEDDING DAY.

Seems to be a re-occurring theme with her. Why Becky didn't bitch slap her and call her out on it, who knows. But, Becky ain't part of the plan. Who would marry this complete bag of shit personality also will remain one of life's mysteries.

Slappy McGherkin

Let me introduce you to coulrophobia.
True & Honest Fan
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Crossposting from the Social Media thread. Instagram is getting in on the action. ALR is being taken down/censored across all platforms? Yikes.
Wowsers! It's like they all conspired and said the only way we can unstrap the feedbag from this fat bitch's face is to take her down for awhile.
<Living my best life!> :smug:

Slappy McGherkin

Let me introduce you to coulrophobia.
True & Honest Fan
If there was ever a day to be a fly on the wall, it's today.
Pillow Mountain is drowning in teardrops, I'm sure. Run, Twinkie, run! Or she's belligerently storming around the house setting off tremors all over Kentucky.

But to your point, oh damn I hope one of the gaytards actually films it. I'd pay to see the reaction! <priceless>

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