Guess the fetish/kink of the person above you - fucking degenerates

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not a bumblebee
All the kinks. All of them. A deviant on a world wide scale. The Marquis de Sade couldn't even conceive of the fucked up shit you get up to in your spare time. They're still trying to get the Sydney Harbour Bridge clean from when you took that trip to Australia. Not a single prostitute in Amsterdam can look another in the eye from when you orchestrated that giant gangbang and made them do all those... things. You visited Syria for a quick romp a few years back and subsequently a massive civil war broke out and everyone tried to flee the country. After your tour of the Middle East the Muslims are now so terrified of sex they murder all the queers and keep the women in burkas so they aren't reminded of all twisted shit you talked them into doing with you. The African continent is AIDS ridden and it's all your fault, you spread STDs around like handfuls of fairy dust and sunbeams. Right now you're even- Christ on a bike, with a Boeing 747 and a pair of fluffy bunny rabbit slippers? That's sick, you're sick.

All the kinks. All of them.


Master of SCARE-imonies!
thats who wear black and white plaid skirts and metal band shirts but have never listened to a metal band in thier lives