Guilty Pleasure Song -

Checkered Spotlight
Big fuckin' Bang, man. Cringy as hell in my opinion, but I'd be a liar if I said I didn't like some of their songs.

Look at that shit, man. Bedazzled bikes n all.
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Fuck Cumrobbery!
I completely forget this song or Yo-Yo even existed tbh. All I remember is, she did some collabs with Ice Cube and just kind of...disappeared.

Replicant Sasquatch

Do Lolcows Dream of Electric Hedgehog Pokemon?
I have a real weakness for this song. Not exactly one I'd show off when talking about my music tastes on a date though.

I'm a Journey fan. :oops:

And of course,
(This one I will freely cop to cranking up and singing along to, at the top of my lungs, even though I can't sing for shit)
If you think you should feel guilty for liking Journey you must keep shitty company.


тунеядца, враг народа
Dave Matthews' entire discography. It's a form of family bonding since my brother got into it in middle school and my Dad started taking us to concerts and my stepsister turned out to be a big fan, so it's pretty ingrained into my musical DNA. The fanbase is worse than the music itself, though.

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