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Looking to get my first gun this election year before daddy biden bans every single firearm in the USA, i might just pester my mom to get me a cheap AR-15 or Shotgun. No, not for getting the High score but simply to have and use if needed.
To make a long story short

1) What pistol would you recommend for a first time owner.

2) What rifle would you recommend?


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Why buy when you can hardly even justify the purchase? If you said sport shooting, hunting or self-defense I'd give you a real answer. Instead I recommend you shoot yourself


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In all seriousness, I can't really help you if you don't elaborate on what you want to use the pistol for. Home defense, concealed carry, open carry?
first of all, why are you pestering your mother? Is it A. You can't afford one or B. You are underage/criminal and need someone else to purchase one?

If you are not B. and just want something to go bang bang then I suggest any pistol or rifle that can use .22 caliber as they don't have a lot of recoil and are great pest control.
Get a 10/22 or a model 60. The time to buy a gun has long been past and these will be your best bet and are great beginner guns. I can't say about pistols, the market is fucked beyond repair at this point
Basically you're not gunna make it.

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Find one without a front sight. You'll not need that and it would be a shame to chip your teeth.


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Mini-14, its appareance makes gun alarmists think its some sort of farm rifle.

It might be too pricey for you so you might try a 10/22, it may not look like much but there are plenty of options to suit the tastes of any tactikool edgelord who needs mom to buy him his firearms.

Handgun? PMR-30, 30 rounds of .22 per magazine.
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How would the model 60 be in a home invasion scenario? I live in an apartment and don't want overpenetration. I consider a home invasion very unlikely but better to have one and not need one I guess.

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Get Mosin Nagant and then cut off the stock. Then cut the barrel short enough that you get blinded every time you fire it.