Gunt Chronology - Important Highlights and Dates in Gunt History

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Dec 12, 2018

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Aug 21, 2018
Auuuurrggg. Ladies and Guntlemen, with the creation of a dedicated board, I feel a timeline of key events in Gunt history is warranted and necessary. So much has happened: from GG, to his Youtube heyday as the last man standing of IBS, the era, to the demon baby arc we are currently in. This will be a great reference for people new to the world of Guntwatching and for those who want a stroll down memory lane.

Personally, I know barely anything about his Gamergate shenanigans other than a few humorous clips, so I am requesting some insight to some key GG events involving Ralph.

This OP is an ongoing work in progress. I have it divided into two key main epochs: "Before Gunt" (B.G) and "After Gunt" (A.G.). The reason for this is it was after the Gunt reveal that Ralph went from having the reputation and shenanigans of a typical e-celeb (other than his arrest), to the current level of cowdome he has now reached. For reference, the first mention of the word "Gunt" on here was on 167 about 2 years ago.
#GamerGate (Also known as "The 9/11 of the Internet)
Gunt v. State of Virgina's Female Police Officers
Post Jail/IBS Era
  • Pillstream
  • Pillstream 2: The Vaush Faceoff
  • officially imploding and shutting down
  • the cog stream where he flipped out at Xander
  • Marriage and Divorce from Nora
  • Sex tape leak
  • The last time Zidane was a cohost
  • The Rand Goad Meltdown
  • Knoxville/The Great Gunt Reveal
  • Lord Akira Doxing
  • Miami Trip
  • First mention of "Gunt" in relation to Ralph on the forum (Jan 24th 2019)
If there is anything else I missed, think should be include (particularly GG stuff), or if you happen to know the dates off the top of your head, please post in this thread.
Is the pilll stream the one that Null joins to tell Ethan he’s drinking himself to death and Dame Pesos is trolling him with Gator sound clips?

I really think that marks the official rift between Ethan and Null.

Jul 30, 2020
Is the pilll stream the one that Null joins to tell Ethan he’s drinking himself to death and Dame Pesos is trolling him with Gator sound clips?

I really think that marks the official rift between Ethan and Null.
It was but I think Nool was on a few more times after that (I could be wrong about that). The Pillstreams aftermath was one of the few times Ralph realized he was in the wrong and was repentant.


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Jan 27, 2014
It definitely needs an update, especially concerning his second child through a different woman.

It also needs Null's side of the story as to the break-up.

Ralph's Version said:
Josh became estranged from the program after Ralph publicly called him out over an incorrect prediction about how Mister Metokur would handle the NewProject2 situation. Josh predicted that Mister Metokur would delete his NewProject2 account and lambaste both Dick and Ralph. Josh stated that Jim would do it to “virtue signal.” Jim in fact did the opposite, and took the opportunity to publicly and hilariously humiliate the hosts on that stream, one of whom infamously proclaimed GamerGate as the “9/11 of the Internet.” Josh was highly upset about Ralph’s post-fiasco showboating. He went on to do a stream of his own where he tried to convince everyone that Ralph needed to be taken out, so things would “get back to normal.” Instead, Josh isolated himself from pretty much everyone around him and went on to write a sad blog post on KiwiFarms, where he bemoaned his inability to get a girlfriend and start a family, after Ralph made fun of Josh’s extreme erectile dysfunction.

Josh was the sole reason that NewProject2 was booted from its payment processor for “money laundering,” lending credence to the idea that Josh keeps the website afloat through some nefarious or illegal means, which may be the reason why he refuses to return to the United States.

I seem to remember this all going down in 2020 (maybe it was '21, it's all a blur) but apparently he was last on the Killstream as late as November 2021, after the Merge. The failure of NewProject2 was Dick's baby, but I seem to recall that Null's split with Dick was largely predicated on the fact that Dick went full pedo defender with Vito and Digi, and Digi personally didn't like Null, leading Dick's producer to shadowban Null from the show.

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As much as I hate his Killsteam hollaring the whole time, it might be worth mentioning the CWC arrest footage IMO; he did get decent quality footage of the final moments of OPL's freedom.

For sure, I would mention the Portugal trip, complete with the sudden felting. Maybe the Metokur/Jarbo reunion, as well?