Gunt watch - A thread to document the effects of pot brownies

What is his current BMI

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You know what? I'm letting this beautiful horror stand because I was just trying to decide where to put the gunt derail happening in the general thread...

Unfortunately I can't move the posts over because the earliest post will become the OP. But I'm going to direct all future gunt sperging here. :semperfi:

Edit: What would you suggest instead, @2nd_time_user?

Just a hint of gunt in this one.

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Full on gunt

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Since we cant get JV arrested for assault maybe we can get him arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior. That gunt clearly has a mind of it's own. I wouldnt be surprised if the gunt owns it's own wig.

Unfortunately they just don't make little girls' clothing in sizes big enough to cover it.
You know that must be an untapped market: dainty tiny girly clothing in bloatwulf sizing. Maybe not? Probably not? Not even going to look.