Gunt watch - A thread to document the effects of pot brownies

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What is his current BMI

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A Pare A Teeth
I wonder if he cleans under his gunt?
His arms are too short - he’s built like a T-Rex


I doubt it.

Hmm, speaking of... I have to wonder what JY smells like? I'm thinking maybe a fine mix of sweaty butthole, moldy cheese, and chocolate cake.

Actually, I don't really want to know now.
But now the rest of us do. Thanks fam 🤮

Gustav Schuchardt

Trans exclusionary radical feminazi.
His arms are too short - he’s built like a T-Rex

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But now the rest of us do. Thanks fam 🤮
T-Rexes were cool though. Jack Horner memorably described them as 'the one tonne, meat-eating, roadrunner from hell'.

If my retrobiodiversity program to bring back extinct predators like T-Rex, genetically modify them to survive in Vancouver weather was funded instead of expensive and counterproductive welfare programs we'd have a final solution to the Yaniv Question

It wouldn't be all that hard to thermally insulate a T-Rex either. I'd just add a lot more feathers to it and color it yellow like Big Bird from Sesame Street. Being colored yellow would probably make it more ill-tempered and resentful of its creators.

Well ... there goes the micropenis hypothesis. Not that he's enormous or anything. Just ... maybe on the smallish side of normal.

Also, the snowflakes were right about trigger warnings all along. I really needed a chance not to see this. 🤮
It doesn't matter how small it is; it matters if he could get it up, and based on the hormonal medications he's prescribed, it seems like he can't.

Chicken Picnic

We saved you the last boiled egg!
True & Honest Fan
He must stink of smegma gathering in-between all those folds

Also lol @ period cravings. Yaniv you fucking exceptional individual everyone knows you don't get your period, you can't fool anyone now. You're just craving cake and chocolate cause you're fat.

Acceptance is the first stage of recovery. The next would be cleaning the shit gathering under your gunt. Funny, people say circumcision is cleaner for men but if you don't take care of yourself like exhibit A here, it doesn't matter :story: that crusty goodness will just spawn everywhere else that's got a good fold or two.

A Pare A Teeth
He does know that female circumcision is horrific and usually effects the function of it all later in life?
Why would he give a shit? He only LARPs at woman face based on info from ’barely legal’ porn, rom coms, and Teen Vogue magazine.

The guys a lecherous, suppurating, carbuncle on the arse of life. The sooner someone lances the boil, the better.

Paint by Numbers

horny 4 u ;)
True & Honest Fan
My bet is he probably thinks female circumcision has something to do with trimming the labia to look more like the women in porn.
Honestly, I doubt he understands what the fuck he's saying.

The clip where he replies "yeaaaahh" to the circumcision question is reminiscent of when kids/teens are asked questions they don't understand but don't want to admit they don't know the adult thing they're being asked about.

He could've been asked "How old were you when your uterus dropped? Was it about the same time puberty started?" and he would've replied the same because he is unreasonably committed to being an Intersex Medical Miracle™. His knowledge of women's anatomy is nothing but "Tampon go in it and it bleed and it ask for chocolate, teehee."

Misaki Nakahara

Nihon Homosexuality Kyoukai
His knowledge of women's anatomy is nothing but "Tampon go in it and it bleed and it ask for chocolate, teehee."
Just like every porn-addicted male in the world. They're obsessed with pussy and vag and cunt, but they can't tell you anything about how it actually works because they don't know any real women and they find it too icky to research it. And naturally they're all spergs so they don't have any... "hands-on" experience, so to speak.

God forbid Yaniv takes ten minutes to familiarise himself with the basics of something he claims has been on his body since birth.

Vagivagal Syncope