Guntelegram - Documenting seething Reeethan's Telegram outbursts


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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Jun 13, 2016
Does Gunt stream for 8 hours everyday in an attempt to bore people to death? Does he need that many hours to wring out every $1 and $5 tip out of idiots?

He’d be in far better shape, and have more money, if he just got a job at Wal-Mart and was on his feet moving. Sitting on his giant fat ass all day, everyday, while eating is why he has a deformed body. A giant lard curtain, turkey neck and saggy tits paired with chicken legs and t-Rex arms, all thanks to the KS.

By now he is not capable of anything but sitting on his ass and staring at a screen so I guess being a fat alt-right clown is his only option.

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