Guy Fieri- World's Greatest Food Connoisseur, host of Diners, Drive-In's and Dives -


Dragon for hire. Accepts: Gold, Booze, Mutton.
Love Guy Fieri honestly. Seems like a real average kinda dude when you watch a lot of clips of him. What I like most about him is his side stuff in community outreach like how he fes firefighters during the recent Cali wildfires and officiated a mass gay wedding in Florida. Donates to charities quite a bit too. I honestly dont find him any more obnoxious than a bunch of other TV hosts but I get his aggressive 90s-mess and frat boy attitude rubs some the wrong way.

From what I've seen/heard of his food and restaurants? Eh... looks like mishmashy stoner bar food or like Olive Garden tier. Not horrible but not worth going out of ones way for. Though I hear his BBQ joint is pretty good. Because I've watched a lot of DDD Guy really sells himself more as a "entrepreneur" or a "restauranteur" than a high brow chef. Yeah he has culinary education but not at with the best of the best. Instead he just built a brand around himself. That's why he still wears the frosted tips, not because he thinks their hip, but because they scream Guy Fieri. Show up at a Halloween party with frosted tips, fake ray bans, a goatee and a loud Hawaiian shirt and everyone will know who you are. That's brand power baby. Like how Bob Ross refused to shave his hair when requested.