Guys drawing really muscular men- gay or wish fulfillment? -

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Might seem like a weird question but I wondered as I saw a tattoo artist only drawing hypermuscular men on social media. I' m sure there are many more like him.
Do male artists just like to draw very muscular guys because it' s like "the perfect/idealised masculinity" and wish fullfilment etc. Or are they just gay (and possibly have a muscle fetish?)

E:Incase I haven' t made it clear: I' m talking about pin-headed, actually dorito shaped, impossibly muscular characters. Not just a "normal" superhero figure.
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I draw too, poorly but u know, and frankly it's usually because I don't want to draw fat, average, or skinny. I see that every day. I want my fantastical imaginations given form to be good looking even if it's to an unrealistic point.

I certainly wouldn't get a soyboy tattoo'd on my arm either.

I guess it could be either depending on the person.

Muscular physiques, even ones that seem impossible, kind of inspire men to improve themselves, so it makes sense that some would draw art that shows that body type.

And then other artists are just attracted to that type and drawing their ideal type.


eh, i'd say wish fullfillment. I'd liken it to creating a character in a video game. I don't make characters i find appealing because i want to fuck them. this tattoo artist is using social media as a tool for advertising so i cant say im surprised hes not showing off depictions of wrinkly old men with dangly balls.

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Also, muscle is a lot easier to draw than fat, fabric, or most other things that show more effects from gravity. Without context it's really hard to answer the OP's question.


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It's both. Araki's pretty well-known for his homoerotic art style, but that doesn't not make Jojo the manliest shit.
If enjoying part 2's designs and art makes me gay then I am ready to taste the rainbow. Is Araki gay or does he just really likes drawing jacked pretty dudes?

From an artistic standpoint many people draw what they know, so naturally a man would understand the male body better than he would a woman's. Look at Boris Vallejo for example, yes he paints some extremely sexy women but his men are made out of God and Damn.

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