Trainwreck Gwen Hartley & The Hartley Hooligans - Attention Seeking Horrorshow Mom of Two Dead Gremlins & Finally Free Human Son

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[NOTICE: Don't ask in the thread for people to call CPS on Gwen for being neglectful and shitty to her children. It's been discussed and calling the authorities is considered a trolling plan and as such will be shunned. The circumstances of the meatloaves in this thread may be disturbing but not drastic enough to warrant being taken away. Thanks for understanding]


Gwen Hartley is a crazy mother of two baby-like children (Claire and Lola Hartley, referred to as the Hartley Hooligans) that were born with severe defects including microcephaly, epilepsy, dwarfism, etc. She is known for showing them off in cute little outfits and parading their every move around on social media. They are 15 and 10 years old respectively.

There is also Callum "Cal" Hartley, a basketball player and soon-to-be college freshman that Gwen sparingly acknowledges, and forces him to share the spotlight of his own achievements and time in the spotlight with her meatloaf goblins.

As a super special mother and professional attention whore, she drew the attention of and has earned several threads discussing what she does to take advantage of, and squeeze pity money out of her severely disabled children.

Recently in mid 2017 Lola caught a rash that Gwen made a huge deal out of for a few months because it was looking pretty bad but as of 7/29/2017 she claims it's doing much better.

There have been several news articles and interviews with Gwen floating around the 'net about what her life is like. But what do you guys make of all this?

On the 17th of December 2018, Claire Hartley, the eldest of the two "Hooligans" passed away from an infection and her degenerative physical disabilities. Rest in Peace.

On the 12th of October 2019, the younger sister Lola Hartley passed away after dealing with the chicken pox and her weakened immune system. Both girls are now at rest and free from being exploited for money/pity by their parents.

The Threads

The Social Media
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its kinda like how Fat Amy calls herself Fat Amy so people cant use it as an insult. she calls them the Hartley Hooligans for the same reason...

i do want to say that i have nothing against the two girls. they seem very sweet and its sad that their disability is being exploited.


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There's kind of a catchall thread about parents jerking off their disabled children for asspats... But this one is about a specific one so I guess it's fine?

Anyway, here's a link to a user's post in the catchall thread relating specifically to the "Hartley Hooligans".

Youtube Parents of Autistics

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This woman is so disturbing as is the blog because it graphically exploits all of her children.

There is an older son and he has had behavioral issue due to basically being totally ignored and forced to help care for his two profoundly disabled sisters (they function less than a newborn infant).

She is famous for deleting stuff when she is called out on it.
And she has been because she likes to laugh off her shitty treatment of the eldest kid and make tee-hee social media posts about it.

The kid can't even have any of his school/social milestones without having them included.
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They're barely sentient vaguely human-shaped meatloafs. If they have any ability to sense anything at all, it is nothing but constant pain.
If I remember it right they aren't even sentient. They just sit there while the oldest kid had to apologise to them for using the word exceptional.

These parents are just desperate for asspats

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They're barely sentient vaguely human-shaped meatloafs. If they have any ability to sense anything at all, it is nothing but constant pain.
I'm not even sure if they can feel pain even. They kinda just flop around all the time anyway. If they do feel any pain it's probably hell considering they can't even grasp what is going on around them.

How long are they expected to live at this point? I'm surprised either one has made it this long.


i really feel bad for the son. he defiantly knows he's his mothers least favorite, and he probably never gets a moment of feeling special in their household.

she's in love with her two alien daughters now, but if/when they grow up and are like 23 and still needing their diapers changed, its a different ball game. babies can be awesome, but a baby that stays like that forever is not... soon she's really going to desperate for money. you'd be surprised at how expensive a vegetable can be. those poor children are suffering so much and i cant even watch the videos it breaks my heart... but where the fuck is TLC? as soon as something abnormal exits the womb, they hop on board as quick as possible.


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I feel for these kids. There's no chance they will ever have a normal life. They will never go to college, get married, or even have kids of their own. I doubt they even have enough brain capability to even experience any major sensations about the world around them. It's no way to live and the fact that their lives are being drawn out and exploited for profit is unbelievably cruel. People who do this sort of thing really are the lowest of the low.


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I don't mind when the parents of severely disabled kids reach out for community rapport. Raising a child with the capacity of an infant requires around-the-clock care and is obviously daunting. Having a good support system can ease the load off of the family and provide comfort.

It becomes a problem when it is exploitative. This is crossing the line. I'm aware neither of the girls even comprehend the existence of their mother's blog (or their own existence for that matter) but would Gwen make a post like this about Cal? I doubt it. They may be hardly sentient, but they're still human and deserve some respect and privacy.

What really gets me about Gwen is she tries to present her family as picture perfect and rosy, when she's so clearly defensive and unhappy. She projects a fantasy life onto her children by treating them as if they have feelings, dreams, and personalities. She dresses them like dolls and sets them up like props. She doesn't accept the reality of the situation at all. She even nicknames them "hooligans" as if they're normal kids. She acts as if her blog is about her girls when it's obviously all about her and what she wishes they could be.

This post was not written by someone at ease with their situation at all. It's completely telling that she was ok with slurs before she birthed two exceptional individuals. Her denial is the most striking thing about this family imo.

Mini Power-Level:

I have a high functioning autist sister. She'll probably need slight assistance for the rest of her life, but she's capable of some skills/independence. Jokes about autists really don't offend me unless they're personally directed at her. It can be tough having a differently abled sister, but she is who she is and I learned to accept it. She'll never be normal, and that's ok. Parents who get offended by the "r" word are very often projecting their own insecurities onto their children.
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i really feel bad for the son. he defiantly knows he's his mothers least favorite, and he probably never gets a moment of feeling special in their household.
That's probably the shittiest thing about this shitty mom. Her son, the only one who's actually a human, is getting treated like chopped liver in favor of literal vegetables.

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Well, she's playing the hand she was dealt with the first one, but the second had a 50/50 chance at being a meat puppet and they still went for it.

Edit to avoid double post: The videos are tough to watch. Like them staring off into oblivion and farting or chewing air. Perticularly when you consider that these girls are basically teenagers. I don't know, just seems so wrong, exposing their basic human indignity like that.
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How long until the son starts his own blog dishing the dirt on his exceptional mother?
Maybe he'll publish a best-selling memoir that gets spun off into a movie via Christina Crawford's Mommie Dearest.

That's probably the shittiest thing about this shitty mom. Her son, the only one who's actually a human, is getting treated like chopped liver in favor of literal vegetables.
The way she treats Cal and makes her daughters the center of her life is more proof to me that Gwen is secretly miserable with the reality of her daughters' futures. She wouldn't try so hard to paint herself as a super mom going above and beyond for her unique snowflakes if she wasn't insecure about the reality of her situation. It's incredibly sad.


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